Day 1 – Breaking the Sugar Addiction

First and foremost, let’s address the VMAs shortly.  This is the time we actually get to see what the artists can do, can they deliver on the songs of the summer?

  • Gaga – absolute weirdo but she has the voice/body of an angel.  Seriously, she was really lookin’ weird/good.
  • Miley – my heart is sad.  I’ve addressed this before here, but she’s 20, and she will look back at this performance and be embarrassed.  She’s not a “slut” a “whore” or a “skank”, ladies, so chill out with the nasty language.  She is very, very, very, confused, quite obviously, and I’m concerned for her well-being. It’s really not funny. It’s sad.  Normally I would take this chance to break down her “dance skills” but since she has clearly lost her mind, she gets a little pass.  THIS ONE TIME.


  • Robin Thicke – I’m sorry Paula, for what Miley did to your husband.  It was inappropriate, I agree. But forgive her, I don’t think she knows any better.  Also, your suit was weird.
  • Macklemore – Beautiful.  Beautiful song. And I forgot he’s SUPER cute.  I really enjoyed his performance.  And props on Jennifer Hudson popping out at the end!  I thought she was gonna start singing a jazzy weight loss tune, but she stayed on task.  Hot.
  • Justin Timberlake – Wow.  Just.  Wow. Justin saved the entire show and shat upon the mess that Miley had created.  Oh, and this band called NSYNC reunited? (OMG I WAS COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT, it was so great!)


  • Kanye – It was cool.  He performed completely in silhouette.  His spirit seemed a little more gentle since the birth of his baby girl.
  • Bruno Mars – Little Peter Hernandez worked it out. I’m loving the 70s vibe he’s been into for this new albums.
  • Drake – Bye girl.  I don’t have time for you to be weakly singing a ballad.
  • Katy Perry – I adore this little minx.  She’s like a sweet treat.

Okay, now moving right along!

My little 7-Day Sugary Cleanse

So, just in time for me to break my unhealthy relationship (addiction) to the white stuff, my dear husband-to-be, returning to Raleigh from a visit with family, brought an apple pie to me, knowing that I loved the crust. Seriously, dammit.  I sadly looked at the pie, and put it in the freezer for company or something at a later date.

This is harder than I thought it would be. 

I went to make some Nutella and toast this morning.  DANG. Too much sugar.  Okay, reached for a regular coffee and a homemade smoothie instead.  I passed the Starbucks, and thought of how a scone might taste.  What is wrong with me?! It’s not as if I eat this dessert stuff  breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but even denying myself Nutella is spinning my thoughts like cotton candy? Dang, there I go again!

Ugh, sugar, why can’t I quit you!?

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