I skipped my run on Wednesday.

I’ve had a lot going on.  And I think the final straw was having a wedding venue tell me that the food minimum would be $20,000.  I’m really happy for folks who feel that twenty grand is an appropriate amount to spend on food, but I am not one of those people.

I was grumpy.

I was moody.

And I got Austin on the phone.  “I feel weird hon.  And I have to run 5 miles today.”

His response?

“When was the last time you took a break from working out?”

I can’t remember.  I took a day off last Sunday I think.  Is that what you meant?

“When was the last time you took like 5 days off from running.”

I don’t know.

“Haven’t you read articles that say you can benefit from breaks? I know you have.”

Yes…but.  There’s always a big butt!  Truthfully, I’m scared to take any breaks.  I’ve been pretty consistently working out for a few years (with at least one day off a week,) and the idea of taking any extended kind of breaks terrifies me.  Not because I’m terrified of weight gain or anything like that.  But because I’m afraid that if I start taking time off, that suddenly, I will start drinking cokes and stop exercising magically.  It it irrational.  Yes.  But I know I’m not alone.  But I’m tired.  And my body is asking for a break.

So I took one.  I didn’t work out at all Wednesday.  And I could be wrong, but my desire to drink cokes and eat ice cream didn’t magically increase.  I am tired.  And I honestly could use a really really good night of sleep before I hit that long run this weekend.  But take Austin’s advice.  And I’ve said this before.  If you’re worn out.  Like.  Lay down.  You won’t be a slob.  Promise.

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