What do I eat, and when, when I run?

This question was submitted to me by Alexa Terry Wilde.  Now, if you’ll remember, she was the good friend who got married in May in that cool, beautiful barn wedding.

I love this picture of us. Alexa (Andrew in the middle), and me. One of the most fun nights in history.

Alexa, admittedly, is not a long-distance runner, however, she’s suffering with a pretty common issue, cramps, each time she heads out for a run.

There could a few things going on here, but her specific questions was, what should I be eating before/after a run so I’m not cramping during a run?

Number one, make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day.  But strike that balance, if your tummy is sloshing, back off a little bit.

Second, are you a morning runner or an evening runner?  Mornings are easy, if you’re running in the morning, go with something light.  Eat a piece of toast with Nutella on it, or half of an english muffin with a cup of coffee of a glass of water before you run, and the cramps should be banished.

If you’re an evening runner, things can get a little tricky based on the fact that you’ve literally been eating and drinking all day.  And if you’ve been eating heavy, greasy meals, count on a little discomfort, especially through the first four miles or so of your run.  However, if you know you’re an evening runner, stick to small, light, refreshing meals, an egg on an english muffin for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and maybe a piece of toast or dried fruit for snack.  Make sure you’re drinking up, and save the protein bars, eggs, and shakes for after the big run.

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