Happy Father’s Day


This is my dad.

My dad is a very cool guy (obvi). Very smart, very chill. And a very good dad, and all-around good person.

A little story to illustrate that? Don’t mind if I do.

So when I was a kid, we lived in Long Island. My dad worked for Lehman Brothers during the week (which is no longer a thing), http://www.lehman.com/ and my mom worked for Century 21 on the weekends.  So on the weekends, we got our dad all to ourselves.  He took us to see pee-wee football, took us to Taco Bell (which was a big deal back then, shut up), he took us to Chuck-e-Cheeses even though it was no one’s birthday, and on one occasion, took us apple-picking for like 500 hours, let us get all dirty, and to my mother’s horror, brought 3 dirty children to her office for her co-workers to see.

On this particular weekend, it was kind of cloudy and cold.  My dad called all of us outside to see this tiny bitty bird that had been sick or injured or something, and who’d fallen into the little divet thing by the basement window.  The bird was still alive, so my dad put on some of my mom’s heinous yellow kitchen gloves and picked the bird up, and he put it in the basement, where, over the next few days, we proceeded to feed the bird raisin bran in an effort to save its life.  Apparently, that bird really needed fiber, because over the week, the bird strengthened, and we were able to let it go.  But the coolest part?  So animals are incredible judges of character.  And the bird, days after we’d let it go, flew back to the house and sat on my dad’s hand, almost like, “Thanks Dude, ‘preciate that cereal, see you soon,” all whilst my grandmother and my mom hooted and hollered about my dad hanging out with this dirty creature.

So Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s that provided their kids with insanely beautiful memories like this one.  We don’t forget it.


4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Hi all,
    This is Cheri’s dad. While I think she could have chosen a better picture of me :-), I find this story very moving. To fathers and parents in general, and future parents, this story illustrates how as adults we may see things as insignificant but they quite often have long lasting effects on our children. I had actually forgotten about the bird…and glad she didn’t tell the hampster story….

    Thanks Cheri,

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