This is kind of a serious question.

Well, as serious as I possibly get.

So you guys know, Sex and the City continues to be one of my favorite shows.  My roommate freshman year had all the seasons on DVD, and we lived together for all four years in college, so we made our way through each and every episode a multitude of times.

My favorite SATC moments? Questions that have arisen from SATC?

  • When Aiden was going to propose to Carrie, and she found the ring.  AND IT WAS GOLD AND PEAR-SHAPED?!  And then come to find out that MIRANDA HAD HELPED HER FIND IT?!  Like what in the world?  What kinda friend…
  • Why did Carrie screw it up with Aiden?  Big is fine or whatever, but Aiden was a catch.  An absolutely catch.
  • Remember when Miranda threw out her neck running that marathon (with that weirdo guy), and Aiden came over and picked her up off the ground?
  • Charlotte’s random classes she always was in.  The tap class and the African dance class were my personal faves.
  • Ugh, totally screw that Berger guy.  He was not a man.  How do you break up with a girl on a Post-It note because she’s more successful than you?
  • The entire SATC movie was a favorite moment.  It was dazzling.
  • When Samatha fed Carrie during her “honeymoon” without Big.

But enough of that.  Onto the real question.

Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie claims her only cardio is shopping. Carrie smokes (gross). Carrie complains when she has to walk Pete, Aiden’s adorable dog, and she does so in these impossible shoes. If all this is true, and Carrie is not sneaking in time on the elliptical and lifting in between writing her column and breaking Natasha’s teeth (10 points for whomever can describe that episode to me!), than how are Carrie Bradshaw’s abs so impeccable?  Can anyone answer me that?

5 thoughts on “This is kind of a serious question.

  1. Carrie never made it work with Aiden because she’s a selfish hoebag. She and Big deserve each other and Aiden deserves me… Just sayin’

  2. because she doesn’t use her kitchen and you only see her drinking coffee, cosmos, and maybe an odd popsicle or salad here and there.

    1. Okay, but she also slams a few slice of pizza, smokes like a chimney, and slams hot dogs here and there. I think she’s sneaking in some time at the gym….

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