Who, me?

Who would thunk, that little ol’ blogita moi would’ve caused such a stir?

So last week, after reading through Maxim’s list of their Hot 100, I wrote a kinda tongue-in-cheek, but semi-serious article about my thoughts on the whole concept of the Maxim Hot 100.  If you didn’t read the article, feel free.  It was sort of cute.  Kinda funny.  And with each quip, at its core, was something a little bit serious.  What bothered me was Miley. What bothered me was the classification of women, as if they were pedigreed dogs at a show. What bothered me was the lack of diversity on the list in the first place. And apparently, that bothered some of you.  (Some of you guys loved it so HOLLER!)

I’m not up here to like rescind my statements.  I will feel the way I feel til there’s nothing in the world left to bitch about.  But for those of you who loved it.  For those of you who hated it.  For those of you who commented on it (respectfully 😉 ).  For those of you agreed.  And for those of you who disagreed.  I want to give you a big ol’ slap on the butt and thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I think I’m right.  I always do.  But it would be über annoying if I blogged about something and no one had anything to say about it.  So keep it up, dear readers, and I’ll keep serving you up the Cheri fierceness. Xoxo ❤

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