Working out while on the road.

It’s funny how things work out, huh?

Last Monday, if you’ll recall, my transmission in my beloved Taurus went.  I mulled over fixing it, but it really just wasn’t worth it.  So I did the grownup thing, had a day off on Friday, and spent all day between used car places until I found the car that fit my life and budget.  It was a little sooner than I’d expected, but something told me to get the car.


A word on the car. It’s great. The folks at Fred Anderson Toyota are amazing and not annoying at all. And the car’s name is Lancer Armstrong. He was born as a male, but sometimes he goes by Tina Knowles, depending on how he’s feeling.

So back to how things work out.  So Saturday evening, less than  24 hours after I got the car and got it all paid for, I had to head back to Charlotte to take care of  some family bidness, and I’ll be darned if I didn’t have a car to travel in!  Incredible.  Also, I have to extend my absolute warmest thanks to my work friends, who, without a problem, didn’t skip a beat to cover me while I take care of things at home.  (Also PS, there really is no place like home.  You’re never too old to bring home some dirty laundry, and ask your mom to let you take a shower in her bathroom because it’s huge and the water stays hot forevs.)


So working out while you have to be out of town can be a little dicey, and it’s tempting, while traveling, to let your fitness fall by the wayside.  But if you’re trying to maintain a certain level, and you’re not interested in rebuilding after a stint on the road, it’s important to try to continue working out, even if you’  re not super familiar with the area.

So how do you maintain your fitness while you’re out of town?  

  • Take it easy.  You’re not looking to beak world records for the fastest mile here, you’re just trying to maintain a decent level of health, and not put on a few vacation pounds while you’re away.  Keep the workouts simple and manageable.  It’s not necessarily the time for your 20 miler on terrain you don’t know.
  • Plan ahead.  If you’re going to be on the road for a few days, check out the area where you’re going to be.  Since I knew I was going to be in South Charlotte, I Yelped a nearby yoga studio, knew where the Y was, and planned out a short route for myself around the house. 
  • Pack! You’re not working anything out if you forget your sports bra and your deodorant.  For my trip, I grabbed my yoga mat, a few pairs of running shorts, socks, gloves, and a sports bra on top of my normal cute clothes.
  • Let someone know where you’ll be.  You’re not super familiar with the area.  Don’t run off to hot yoga at a studio you’ve never been to, or run down a street you’re not familiar with without telling someone where you are.  The last thing you need on a business trip is to go missing because you’ve broken your leg and no one knew to come looking for you.
  • And finally?  View it as an adventure!  When I was in grad school, and I’d get a little stale studying for an exam, I’d change locations to refresh my mind.  The same goes for working out.  It’s nice to change it up, and you’ll find it more interesting.  (PS, Raleigh isn’t the only hilly city in the state.  These rolling hills out here ain’t no joke!)

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