Death of Green Monster

Yesterday, my baby decided he wanted to go be with the Lord.


After a rather difficult day yesterday (guess who got another job rejection!) I climbed into the Green Monster to head home. Got going and….my car won’t shift out of first gear?!  So I tried everything.  I talked to him.  I stopped and started him.  And when all was said and done, this Mama was crusin’ down Wade Avenue barely faster than I finished my first marathon.

The Green Monster is now in a medically induced coma down at the transmission shop.  There he sits, waiting for me to decide if his transmission is worth a reboot, or if it’s time to move on, and buy a car that most other grown-ups find acceptable.

At any rate, whatever I decide, if I do decide to let him go to the great junkyard in the sky, Green Monster was…no is….a great guy.

    • My sister crashed him like 10 years ago, and he lived to tell the tale.
    • He came up with me to my first stint in Pennsylvania, where we traveled all about the Northeast, without a care in the world.
    • His AC stopped working a few years ago, but I still accepted him as a family member.  I just rolled around with that 4-60 AC system. 4 windows down, 60 mphs at all times.
    • I used to sleep in the back of that car on my lunch breaks during my internships with the window down juuuuust enough so I wouldn’t suffocate.
    • If you go under the drivers side seat, not only will you find a wide array of quarters, great for any quarter emergency you may find yourself in, but you will find a rainbow of pretzel M&Ms, still good enough to eat.  (I can’t eat a bag without dropping one).

I’m taking the evening to reflect on our time together and to decide whether I think the Green Monster is worth taking for another spin. Buy at any rate, you were a good Green Monster. And thanks to your “death,” I will be running to and from work, until I find someone, not as good, but more alive than you are.

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