Q: How do I get a “donkey booty”?

No thanks to Phaedra Parks, of the Nobel Peace Prize Winning, “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” I’ve gotten this question more than a few times after class.

Phine Body

Now take a good look at Miz Parks.  Beautiful woman, right?  But does she seem like someone that you should be taking fashion workout advice from?  Does she strike you as someone who sat and studied for their AFAA group exercise or personal trainer cert?  Me either.

This, non-expert has now taken it upon herself to release a workout tape, touting the benefits of a few exercises to give you a “donkey booty,” or a curvaceous, voluptuous behind shape that Queen Bey and Nicki Minaj have popularized.

The real questions here is, can you spot train to firm up and “grow” one area of the human body?

The answer, in short, is, absolutely not. 

-Can you do a bunch of squats and get a Beyonce booty?

-Can you do a bunch of crunches and and get Jackie Warner abs?

-Can you do a bunch of bicep curls and get Michelle Obama arms?

No. Nope. Absolutely not.  Spot training is not a thing.  

So the trick to getting a donkey booty?  Hawt abs?  Michelle Obama arms?

Throw away those pics you cut out of your fantasy body now.  You’re not Shakira.  You’re not Bey.  You’re not Al Roker.  (Okay, sike on that last one).  But you’re you.  Chances are, you hold on to muscle and fat way differently than whomever it is that you idolize.  Me and my brother have a typical Haitian male shape.  Tall, long limbs, long fingers and toes, and a donkey booty is not in my future.  The little bum I do have is firm, but it’s small.  I’m not going to grow it.

-Eat well! Seriously.  You can work out a million hours a day.  If you’re eating Fishy McBites breakfast lunch and dinner (we’re eating those next week on the blog folks, stay tuned) you’re going to look and feel a mess.  Even if you want a treat, stick to thing you can eat with ingredients you can pronounce.  The fresher, the better, and your body will thank you for you.

-Cardio. You want a six-pack?  Killer arms?  Ridiculous quads?  Work on peeling off the layer of fat that might be covering it up.  Do a little cardio every day.  A good way to get it in?  Run!  Run to the gym.  Run to the post office.  Run to maintain your fitness.  You’ll be surprised to see what’s underneath some of that fat! (And fat isn’t a dirty word, okay?)

Strength training.  It kinda sucks.  But it also rocks to have muscles.  Even if you’re only using your own body weight, you’re doing what you need.

Do all of this, and your natural, beautiful shape will emerge.  If you’re blessed to have the donk? Donk it up. Your arms may be better than some.  But once that shape emerges, rock it and be proud of your donkey whatever! 


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