We’ve done a post on bras, nutrition, winter clothing, hair, and how could I forget the most important piece?  The rundies!


Carly Makeup

So Carly (remember Carly?) tweeted the above link the other day, sorta tongue-in-cheek. We both giggled because even though the idea is sorta cute, (who wouldn’t think little panties with running-inspired print wasn’t), we were both absolutely baffled at the fact that they were cotton. Like. Ew?

But if you feel baffled by my disdain for cotton rundies, let me be your guide.  What should I look for in runderwear (rundies)?  **Ladies only**. Sorry fellahs, I don’t know what you need 😦 perhaps I’ll let one of my runner man friends expound on this thought one of these days.

  • Cotton is rotten.  At least in this case, it is.  (In the case of running socks as well).  In these cases, quite unfortunately, the last thing you want is cotton.  It turns rough and pilly when washed or wet, and will chafe the heck out of your skin.  Those little cotton numbers from Aerie are so adorable and extra flattering in real life, but in running life, they’re chafey, and they cause the worst pantylines ever.  Just because you work out doesn’t mean you suddenly become an idiot and think it’s acceptable for you to have pantylines everywhere.  And those are the worst in a pair of tights.  Worse comes to it, just go without for a short workout.  The ONLY exception is when you’re wearing a pair of serious compression shorts.  They’re so tight, they sort of smush the underwear lines into you, and creates this fake seamless thing.  Just go with it.
  • In a pair of running shorts, you can ditch the underoos.  A good quality pair of running shorts usually comes with a liner built in.  The liner is built to keep you running light, and will hold everything in.  The first time you ditch the undergarments in a pair of running shorts, it may feel super weird, but let me assure you, it will feel and look a lot weirder if you try to double layer the underwear with the liner.  
  • Hanes makes these seamless underwear things.

Hanes Seamless Bikini

They’re $10.97 for a three-pack, and they come really really tiny and stretch when you slip them on. The only downside? They’re not super absorbent, and if you’re super sweaty, that just won’t work.  But for a shorter workout, these will work just fine.

  • Moving Comfort doesn’t just have the widest variety of the most supportive sports bras in the world, they also do rundies.  They have them in bikini variety…


As well as in thong variety.  Whatever floats your boat…


In both black and white.  And nude too but nude annoys me because there’s never like a black nude that makes any sense.  Both options are pretty seamless, and super absorbent.  I will completely honest with you, however.  The price is wrong.  At $16 a pair, it’s kind of hard to own a pair of these without hiring a bodyguard to make sure that nothing happens to it.  But in a race situation when you’re spending 4 hours on a course, you may as well invest in something that won’t cause chafing, right?

But the key before race day is to try things out.  Moving Comfort isn’t necessarily the only company that makes a more seamless technically fabricked undergarment, however, it will depend on you and your shape as to what feels good.  Happy Tails! 😉

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