As a general rule of thumb, I don’t do things I suck at. (Why Yoga is good for you).

Which is why my decision to start practicing yoga is so weird.  Before January, I’d literally only taken like 3 yoga classes, and my only takeaway was that I’d felt extremely bored.  And this is probably because I’d taken with one extremely inexperienced instructor, and a few classes at this really really stinky studio in Raleigh. (The place literally smelled like dirty feet, and to spare the feelings of the instructors there, I won’t  say the name.)  So why I picked up yoga on January 1st, I don’t know.

I chose this place that opened close to my house, Indigo hot yoga, just because it was close.  I went, and I totally sucked.  Like blew.  These super bendy gorgeous men and women were tearing up the mats, and seemed to not be struggling at all.  And the instructor was gorgeous.   And I’m pouring sweat and sucking.  I went back a week later.  Still suck.  Go back again.  Get a nosebleed during class, and send the teacher into an absolute panic.   Yikes.

But I noticed, that I didn’t feel quite as crappy recovering from a few of those long runs.  And I’m feeling a little strong.  My abs are positively yummy.  And the other day in class, I did something I’ve never done before!  Can’t remember the name of it, and I’m told it’s Bird of Paradise, and I did it and held it.  I’m fairly certain I couldn’t do that before!

So when I was planning to write this post, I was going to write this super informative and potentially contrived piece on the bennies of yoga.  And I talked to yoga Kerri, and she’s all, “write about what brings you to the mat.”

So if I’m being honest, I don’t know what brought me to the mat.  But something did.  And something is keeping me coming back.  And it’s similar to the way I came to Zumba.  I sucked in Koh’s first class, and the suck, and the challenge and the joy of seeing improvement kept me coming back.  For years.  But the excitement of going back and physically and emotionally seeing a change within myself is the main reason I go back. So why is yoga good for you?  Google it, there are like a bazillion articles on why yoga is beneficial, and why it’s helpful when you’re running.  But mainly, go to one class.  Figure out if you like it.  (Which you will).  And then find your own reasons to keep coming back.  If it’s to improve flexibility, if it’s to maintain a closer relationship with your God, if it’s to heal your acne (hey, it’s helped mine), just go!

yoga bra
So…::cues horror music:: this is what I look like with no makeup. Enjoy, this is a sight that the yoga folks get to see pretty regularly, but this is me, post-yoga, pretty stoked about my Bird of Paradise!

3 thoughts on “As a general rule of thumb, I don’t do things I suck at. (Why Yoga is good for you).

  1. Cheri —

    1. I’m a huge fan of this blog. I have to admit that I’ve read every last post on here. Your writing is great — really enjoyable to read.
    2. I read this one as I was walking out the door to my first yoga class in Atlanta this evening. I felt like you were encouraging me not to back out!
    3. You look fantastic.


    1. MOONEY!
      Hi! I”m so glad you’re reading along. and I’m so happy you’re finding some of my thoughts, as a blunder along, helpful. ❤ you, and I so hope you're doing well! I hope to see you soon!

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