Take your cigs and get off the dang sidewalk!

I’m not one of those people who think that all cigarette smokers should burn in hell for all eternity.  Like all of us, they too have a weakness, and nicotine is a bad mamma jamma to escape from.  However.  Let me complain about some of you cigarette smokers for a second.  (Not all of yous, most are very lovely folks).

I actually feel bad when I see you guys huddled next to a freezing cold building.  I’m sure that sucks.  But I appreciate you abiding by the law and going to the designated area so I don’t have to breathe it in.  How-friggin-ever.  There are a few of you that I need to talk to.

Those of you who huddle in large masses in front of the coffee shops with your judgey eyes and your cigs, creating a Hiroshima-sized mushroom of smoke.  Those of you who walk down the middle, the middle, the MIDDLE of the sidewalk and ::Kim Richards puff:: puff away and only turn to blow smoke right in my face, after trailing it into my lungs for a quarter of a mile.  And finally, the guy who was jogging down Blount Street today with a Black & Mild  whilst trying to holla as I wrapped up my run.  Please get it together.  Get. It. Together.

I don’t judge you for smoking.  I understand.  You smoke, and I would spend my last $3 on nail polish if it came down to it.  We all have our things.  But please respect the fact that some of us are not interested in sharing your smoke.  If you’re smoking on the sidewalk, have some decency and cig it down by your thigh so at least I know you have some respect for the other people using the shared space.  If you’re smoking outside of a building, move away from the door so that folks inside the establishment aren’t all, “EW what is that smell!”.  And finally.  Finally. Finally.  If you’re in a place where people are running.  Running by themselves, running with their dogs, or most of all, running with their kids (stroller), just nix the cig until you get to a good spot where you won’t be harming anyone.

2 thoughts on “Take your cigs and get off the dang sidewalk!

  1. Cheri, I have been following your blog since the beginning and now have my friends and family following. I just laughed so hard that I cried and I felt so much better after hearing your honest and refreshing truth during my 3pm break at work. I look forward to when this blog becomes a book and then a talk show and then you are featured on Barbara Walters Top 10 Most Fascinating People. Why? Because I will say that she is even cooler than she seems. And I will hope that your show is on Bravo and that you invite me to party with you and Andy to celebrate your success ;)! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Lee! So glad you enjoy the blog and glad I’ve made you laugh/smile, and I’m glad you’ve passed it along!

      I hope I continue to bring a little light and hey, I hope a book deal is in my cards too!

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