Here’s What! What three things are you obsessed with today!

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday….

Okay, so are you kinda obsessed with the fact that it’s the weekend again? And that Monday is Cinco de Mayo? And that means that I will be drinking tequila. Pictures to come. Or maybe not. I want to keep my job.

Here’s what three things I’m obsessed with this Friday!

mean-girls-im-from-michigan1.  Mean Girls 10th Anniversary.  It literally never gets old.  Ever.  I wish Lindsay the best…I’m serious!

2.  When the drug reps bring lunch to the office.  I’m starting to get obsessed with budgeting a little bit, and I’ve figured out an awesome little trick to making sure that I get a free and healthy lunch.  Now, I try and pack my lunch each day.  On the days that I pack lunch and a drug rep brings lunch, I make a plate of the healthy stuff that most of the folks avoid, and shove it in the back of the fridge with my name on it.  The following day (or sometimes two) I have lunch that’s healthy, and it’s free!  Best. EVER!

3.  The Nike Women’s Half Marathon.  I talked about this earlier today, but look at this.

photo 4My smile could not get any bigger that day, and I was floating on clouds for like days.

This is what I’m obsessed with this week.

What three things are you obsessed with?  



Here’s What! What three things are you obsessed with?

How is it Friday again?

Idk, I feel like I’ve been asking that a lot lately.  But I love it.

Okay, so if you missed on on last week, here you go 🙂


And onto my obsessions!

1.  Zyrtec.  Spring has sprung in good ol’ Carolina, and since I spent the entire afternoon outside, I am sick as a dog.  My throat is killing me.  Yes, I’ve been killing em with the neti pot, but I think my best bet is another Zyrtec, begging Austin to pick up some essentials for me from the Eckard/Rite Aid or whatever the hell you call it, and go to bed in like 5 minutes.


Mama loves you.

2. “Quit Sleeping on Us”

This is my brother and he’s ridiculously talented.  He’s the one with the green mohawk PS.

3.  Holley Mangold


4.  And I added a fourth cause I’m the boss and I can.  It’s Rock ‘n’ Roll time and I’m so excited I’m dead!  I’m also sorta bummed that my allergies have chosen this week to act up, but c’est la vie, right?

Okay, what three things are you excited about/obsessed with?