What I think about when I’m running.

Long, long ago, long before I even thought about my first marathon, a coworker causally mentioned that she was running a 17-mile training run.  Prior to me running marathons, and contemplating an Ultra (eep!), 17 miles sounded like an absolutely ridiculous amount of mileage.  So I asked her,

“What are you going to think about for 17 miles?”

I don’t remember her answer, but once I started running those distances, it became apparent that I had to start finding some things to think about while I was running.  So here it is, what I think about when I think about running. 

Austin captured this one close to the finish line.
Austin captured this one close to the finish line of City Of Oaks!
  • Prior to us getting married, I often thought about who would marry us. Neither of us was big in the church, and I worried that we wouldn’t be able to find anyone to do it. That fear was unfounded, because I found an amazing female officiant who was just what we needed, and provided us with a little bit of counseling before we got started.
  • “I wonder if I will be able to wear this bra again without washing it.”
  • I listen to a Podcast called “The Read“.  Do not, I repeat, do NOT listen to this podcast if profanity offends you, but I listen to it a lot on runs, and sometimes it makes me laugh out loud.  Then I think that anyone driving by in their cars might think I look like a lunatic because I’m laughing so hard that I’m falling off the sidewalk.
  • I think about my husband a lot.  Like what he’s doing, or if he might think that I look pretty while I’m running.
  • I think about why my thighs are chafing, especially in the summer when I forget my Aquaphor.
  • “I wonder why my stomach is hurting so badly. I hope I don’t have to stop at the Whole Foods (again) to….well…”
  • “Why are they so mean to the women in Mad Men? It’s kind of gross. And by kind of, I mean, really gross.”
  • “When will Justin Bieber/Rihanna/Ke$ha release more music.  I really like them!”
  • I imagine what it was like if I started touring with Little Mix.  I would be the lead singer (obviously).
  • I also imagine what it might be like if I opened my own coffee shop, called The Skinny Café.  I would obviously be part of the logo.  Winking and smiling.
  • I also imagine what it would be like if I narrated my own episode of This American life.
  • Pasta.
  • Nachos.

What do you think about when you’re running?