First time for everything pt. 2

I talked a few weeks back about my first time visiting the chiropractor, and I have to keep it 100, my neck and shoulder are feeling really really good.  I know for a fact that a lot of folks feel skeptical about the chiro, but I was really at a loss for what they might do for me besides prescribe a heavy dose of NSAIDS.  Which, honestly, doesn’t do me a whole lot of good because I could take like a million Aleve and drink red wine till the cows come home – I really wanted results.

So my verdict so far on the chiropractor is that I’m seeing some results, which is more than I could say before.  My shoulder feels 100%, and my neck feels almost 100%.  I think I will continue seeing him every month, especially given the fact that I am so active and am sore and imbalanced any given day.  I’m glad I gave it a shot.

So in the vein of trying new things, I started something a few weeks ago, and I guess I’m committed, so it’s time to come clean…I have been working out with a personal trainer once a week!

Let me back things up.  I never really thought twice about a personal trainer, mainly because I have never ever paid for a gym membership since I’ve been teaching classes for 5-6 years.  But, when I started this job 6 months ago (six months!?) our HR specialist mentioned that we got 1 hour of personal training included in our position a week.  I watched my office-mates take advantage of it, and finally, after months, I took advantage of it.

It’s funny, because it seems like Jill, the trainer, was a little nervous to train the group fitness director, because I’m supposed to be fit and stuff, but she really did an awesome job, and it feels good to feel sore again – sometimes when you’re constantly moving it’s hard to get sore.

I’m enjoying it.  I’m enjoying getting sore.  I’m enjoying challenging myself.  I’m enjoying watching my body firm up.  I’m enjoying talking to Jill on our Wednesday mornings.  And a friend told me yesterday that my body is looking fantastic.  WHA!

I like it 🙂

Have you ever worked out with a personal trainer?

Body Pump™ Cert Part 2

So….obviously, I haven’t been around for a few days which was probably really truly concern to all of you because ya girl can talk. But between starting my brand new job, which I will talk about in another post, getting myself married, and passing my certification in Body Pump it has been really hard to brush my teeth, let alone sit down in one spot, get to a computer and pour out out.

So let me pour.

So the last you heard of me, I was just finished up after my first day at the Les Mills Body Pump training process, but I didn’t get too deeply into it cause I wanted to keep you on the edge of your seat until today, so I hope that it worked.

Body Pump!

So like I told you the other night, I drove down to Wilmington on Friday night, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I’ve been to a lot of different fitness trainings, but right off the bat, this one seemed different because it spanned over two days, and Les Mills had actually sent us music, a live class video, and choreography notes, as well as two of the songs that we were told to prepare for a presentation.

When I got to the student recreation center at UNCW, the training began promptly.  I was really surprised, rather than there being a room packed out, the group was intimate, and every single one of the folks there was incredibly in shape.  A lot of the trainings that I’d gone to had a whole smorgasbord of folks, from the ultra fit to the beginners, so it was interesting to be in a room full of folks who, for the most part, had either been taking classes for a long time, or had been teaching other formats for some time.

Body Pump Team
Suze is the little atomic bomb down in the front. But check out all of these folks, how awesome do they look?

So the training started promptly, and we started with some business, and moved right into our first class of the release, and of the weekend.  Our trainer, Susan was this teeny ball of energy, and she taught an awesome class with a sparkle in her eye, and immediately, the hooting and hollering started from the group.  We were already hurting, but we already were feeling so together, that we were whooping up a storm.  It was awesome.

Again, we went into business – Susan broke down some choreography and choreo notes for us, and we quickly ducked out for a lunch break.  After lunch, we started “studying” the tracks we were going to present to the class, and toward the end of that first day, we took the class a second time, each of us taking turns to teach our tracks, and supporting each other.  The skills that all of us came to the training with were really impressive – though all of us left that day with feedback given to us that we needed to work on, we all started from a really solid foundation.

After Susan let us go for the evening, I found some food at a burrito barn, and chilled with a beer and with ‘The Fault in Our Stars’.  My feet were killing from doing the equivalent of two 60-minute Body Pump classes, so I decided to head to the beach to walk on the sand so that I could get a little circulation into the nooks and crannies and my poor feet.  Fun fact: I hit Flaming Amy’s again after day two, because it was the only place I had the energy to really hunt out.  Plus it was reallllly cheap.

Flaming Amys
I did a vegetarian burrito and a $1.25 beer. Perfect way to end the day.
Beach Photo
The beach. I was really missing my husband-to-be at this part.

Day 2

Day 2, we immediately started by taking the class again – and again, each of us presented our tracks.  Where there were certainly areas to improve on that first day, it was clear that all of us had absorbed some of the feedback that Susan had given us the day before, and there was vast, vast improvement on the day before.

The Body Pump Challenge.

I’m going to keep a lot of these details to myself because the challenge was so incredible, so so incredible, that I will let you guys that want to go off and get your Body Pump cert see for yourself what it was about.  I will say this.  I actually got a little choked up once we finished the challenge, and I had such an incredible sense of accomplishment, one that rivaled the sense I got when I finished both marathons.

Finally, after some more business, we took our fourth and final class, which we all took turns teaching our last track.

And sooner than I would have liked, we were done.  Susan called us out one by one to let us know if we passed or not (I passed!) and we all gave each other hugs and promised that we would keep in touch.  The way the process goes is that I am currently doing a lot of team teaching, and within 60 days, I have to send Les Mills a vid of me teaching, and being competent.

The weekend was a beautiful, painful, sweaty, hardcore weekend of fitness magic, and I am so grateful to have done it.  Seriously, if anyone is thinking about doing this training, you HAVE to do it, and please please, send me questions if you have any about the training!

Pump Legs
I cannot believe these legs pumped out so much weight! Go me!

What did you do over the weekend?  

The day I woke up early!!

It has, for a long time, been my complete and utter goal to wake up early and work out.

Well guess what suckers!

I woke up early, met up with a co-worker, and went to Body Pump at 5:45 am.  It’s a miracle!  So Hungry Runner Girl has talked about pump a lot lately, and even talked about how she’s been excited to weight lift since she started taking the class.  Whaaaa?  So when a coworker asked me to join, and said class was at 5:45, I jumped at the chance only because I knew I would have to be up early today if I wanted to get everything done and still make it out to DC in the evening for the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon.  (By the way, if you’re still interested in running, you can register at the expo for the 5k, the half, and the full).

But back to class.

photo (25)I never feel really eager to lift weights, but the class made it stomach-able.  The nice thing about this class is that we worked pretty much all of the major muscle groups – the agonists and the antagonists, and we really didn’t leave anything out, which is really important.  I think, I lot of times we focus on one group – the abs (without working the back), for example.

The thing that was sorta weird was that since I teach often enough during the week, I don’t really take a whole lot of other classes.  It’s weird to be a teacher in a class.  You can’t help but to critique form, cues, and his or her demo, which she did great on.  Also, you can’t help but to be a little horrified at the little things instructors do.  We tell dumb little stories.  We laugh at ourselves.  We sing passionately along with the music, which is so awkward to watch (I never realized that).  And we make it look freakishly easy to demo what we’re doing.  This morning, ol’ girl, was pressing like a million pounds overhead while stupid 80s songs played jauntily in the back.  And I can totally appreciate that!

How did your workout go this morning?  Do you think I can keep it up and work out early one day a week?