Getting Old…

Let me start this off by saying that I feel absolutely ageless. I’m 26 years old, and I don’t feel a day over 27.

Jk, but I think between the working out, and spending most of my summers with high schoolers, I’m kind of a young spirit.

But there’s something going on inside of me that indicates that I’m getting a little hold.

So, when I was training for my first marathon over a year ago, the Shamrock Marathon in VA Beach, I started “reading” books on tape, especially during my long runs when my partner, Jenny, couldn’t make it.  During that time I tried to read some crappy book that my religion professor told me was good, I read Kathy Griffins memoir, and I read Tina Fey’s Memoir.  All awesome.  Like, falling-off-the-sidewalk-laughing-so-hard funny.  Kathy Griffin surprisingly isn’t all piss and wind the way she makes herself out to be, she actually had some pretty sketchy things happen in her immediate family, suffered with binge eating, and suffered with a terrible end to a marriage.  Tina Fey is perfect so…

So anyways, now that I’m not really training for much, I’m kind of in my groove where I run anywhere between 3-however many miles a day, and I discovered the best thing ever to help pass the time.  I found comedians on Spotify.

photo (7)Now, I LOVE a good comedian or comedienne.

My faves are obviously Tina, Chris Rock, and Kathy Griffin.  (I can’t sand Chelsea Lately cause I think she’s not funny and really racist, and I hate that she has that little person running around her show like he’s some kinda of novelty item when he’s a human being.)  But as I was listening to a Chris Rock album from about 2005, I could not help but be a little uncomfortable in response to some of the ubiquitous swearing.

Trust me, I can swear with the best of them.  But my speech, in general, is not peppered with offensive words because I don’t want to sound like a dumb dirty idiot.

The older I get, the more offended I find myself getting with profanity, especially ubiquitous profanity just thrown in there for shits and giggles.

I kid.  But anyone else starting to feel this way?


Marathon countdown, 7 days.

I still haven’t heard back from my friend at the New York Post. Rude. Call me back, dude, don’t be a turd!

Anyhoo, I haven’t blogged in like two days. Miss me? Ugh, I missed you too, sexy thang.

I’m like a week out from my marathon. My training is done. I did my last long run today in some beautiful Carolina pre-spring weather.


And I’m starting to plan for my week for this marathon. So my plan of action for the next seven days?

Fiber. Gotta stay regs, right? Don’t want any surprises on the course.

Tina Fey. Justin Timberlake. At the suggestion of more than a few friends after I told them how much I enjoyed Kathy Griffin’s bio, I downloaded ‘Bossypants’. So far, hysterical. And I know I’m not supposed to laugh, but when she imitated old black folks, I nearly fell over, 6 miles into today’s run. I also discovered how friggin phenomenal Justin Timberlake’s station on Pandora was, and if you have a bad word to say about ‘Suit and Tie’, please excuse yourself from this entry presently.

Water. Liquids. Gotta hygrate. Hygration is key. Water, Hatorade, water, and water.

Complex carbs. For sustained energy. So I can’t slam a piece of lasagna and three slices of pizza the night before and expect for things to go my way.

Sleep. No napping during the day in hopes I can sleep full nights. I’m not running anywhere on three hours of sleep. It just won’t happen.

Shade of nail polish. Duh. I’m not running around, my hands lookin a mess. You crazy if that’s what you think I’ve worked for.

-And finally, makeup. Waterproof liquid liner and mascara. Make fun of me all you want, I’m a scary lookin person under this.

Besides solidifying my victory dance, ::cross cross, catdaddy::, what have I forgotten?