Things we love about the South.

North Carolina, in particular.

I made a single-day trip to Charlotte from Raleigh this weekend (about 6 hours total, to where my parents live), and even though the South isn’t renowned for some things (race relations and state budgets), but there are a LOT of things that make North Carolina totally worth it.  If you’re ever thinking of making a move, let me help you with a few reasons why North Carolina is one of the most beautiful states EVER, and you should move here.

North Carolina.png

1.  The pace is perfect.  We’re not as slow as some of the spots in the deep south, but we’re not as quick as say, DC.  We don’t use our horns.  We’re generally not a bunch of assholes when we drive.  Stuff opens when it’s supposed to.  Closes when it’s supposed to.  It’s really nice.

2.  Customer service.  In New Jersey, where I’ve spent a ton of time (and where a lot of my family lives now), you pay someone for a service, and they’re STILL rude to you.  The guy parking your car is a colossal idiot of a jerk, and will yell and scream at you if he deems it fit.  Here in North Carolina, at the Harris Teeter, for example, if you’re looking for an item, the kind associate will WALK you to the item that you’re lost on, and then ask you if you have any questions about it.  Oh, and Harris Teeter!

3.  Northerners (which I am one of,) try and make fun of this, but they are jealous. We get snow days off.  So rude folks, enjoy making fun of us, but we get to sit at home and sip hot chocolate while you slough your way to work.  Boooo.  As a kind of bonus to this reasoning, the weather is amazing here.  We (typically) don’t get much of a winter, have a gorgeous fall, and the summer nights make you want to slap someone they’re so good.



This is what happens when it snows in Raleigh.  Snowpocolypse.

4.  The food here.  There are a few things here that you can’t get in New York (mah home state), and it’s so sad.

  • Mac and Cheese made right.  Velveeta should not be an ingredient.  And it needs to be baked.
  • Biscuits.  The biscuits down here. Like.  Don’t even get me started.
  • Cookout.  Not like, a barbecue.  There’s a magical place called cookout where you can get really disgusting food and enjoy it.
  • Sweet tea?  That is one thing that I could never really get down with, but people say it’s amazing down here.

5.  The music.  If, for a second, you don’t think some of the best musicians come from down here, you are trippin.  Clay Aiken (okay, kidding!), Fantasia, Chris Daughtry, and the amazing Petey Pablo are all from here.

So are there any North Carolina people out there?  What do you love about this state?