This weekend was not as wild and crazy l as I would hope for it to have been, considering I’m still young and fun. 

And I realize that there are some things too sacred for the blog, such as horrid pictures of me laid up with pimple cream betwixt my eyebrows where my body is rejecting winter/being an adult. 

Thursday, I had a little familiar tickle in my throat, matched with some gnarly fatigue. Friday, it was a little worse, and by Friday night, there was no denying that I had a full-blown cold.

Congested on one side. Sore throat. Couldn’t really taste a whole bunch. And the distinct feeling that though things could be worse, that I really wasn’t interested in finding out what that was like. 

After coming home from a birthday celebration, we headed straight home where we laid on the couch and watched a little Netflix. 

Saturday morning, I was positive I was going to die when I woke up. Crusty face, I was slow-moving, and of course, I had a class to teach. It was one of the few days in my life, including the day I passed out in front of a full Zumba class, that I considered the possibility of not being able to show up for this class. I swallowed a mouthful of Trop 50, and made it through just fine. 

Saturday afternoon was a blur of me drifting into and out of of a disturbed sleep, while Bravo chirped in the background. I told Austin to enjoy a playoff game since I was so sick, and I watched Sex & The City, the first movie, for the millionth time.  I ventured out only for some egg drop soup and some cleaning supplies from Target.  Plot change: I skipped the cleaning and opted for a shower with a few drops of eucalyptus oil and some essential oil shampoo. I twisted (my locs) as well since I was gonna be stuck in bed for the night again. 

Sunday, I, once again, woke up so sick, that when Austin took me to brunch, I couldn’t finish my food. I COULDN’T FINISH MY FOOD. 
I haven’t been sick like this in a while, so here are a few of my tips for you active chciks when the germs for you down. 

  • Water water water. Warm, cold, indifferent. Drink up. I had a hard time with this one because my stuffy nose made me feel like I was drowning, but I did my best. Alcohol is not your friend in this case.
  • Essential oils. For congestion and headache, a few drops of eucalyptus in the shower or in a pot of boiling water that you breathe in is so awesome at temporarily unclogging your nose. 
  • Your humidifier.  I don’t have a super nice humidifier, but the $30 Austin bought me when I got sick a few years ago does it fine. It has a spot where you can put a few more drops of essential oils. It’ll sort of clear your nose and keep you from getting that horrible dry feeling in your nose and throat. 

And finally….especially for you active folks. 

  • Rest. I didn’t work out at all this weekend. It wasn’t intentional, but I was sleeping a bunch, and I felt so crappy that I had flashbacks of when Kourney fainted on the beach when she was overdoing it after Mason came. It happened.

I’m feeling better tonight, and I think I should be back to life by the time work and meetings hits full force on Tuesday. 

What are some of your sick day tips? 

Insomnia and Running

I’m not in good headspace at all today.  I think it’s a combination of things – I’ve had a really tough week at work, which I understand happens, and I think that’s colored my attitude a bit.  I keep having to remind myself to consciously choose to be in a good mood.

Well, until this.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Zayn has left One Direction. I mean I was already in a mood this week because he left the tour, and now this?! What!!? Let me say this, Zayn is the best vocalist in the group PLUS he’s the best-looking, all dark and handsome. I hope whatever’s going on with him, that he eventually finds his way back to the group for a triumphant reunion album.

So let’s talk about something that’s been an issue for me and how I deal with it.

Since about 2008, I’ve had some issue with sleep.  Part of it was the recession.  With my father working for a large bank, it was a really stressful time for the family.  I started to take out loans to finish out school, gave my my study abroad time in South Africa, and began to worry full-time that my father might lose his job, that his work would affect it health (which it did), that I would end up homeless, that my disastrous relationships was coming to and end, and so on.

Emotionally, my sleep has always been affected in some way.  In period of deep anxieties or depression, I would sleep endlessly, and feel sluggish, an ailment aggravated by the fact that I was eating poorly, drinking, and not at a healthy weight.  But since 2008, my body responds to stress by not sleeping a ton.  At the height of my post-grad job search, I would wake up at 2 or 3 after falling asleep around 11 or so, and watch entire seasons of shows on Netflix, paint my nails, and text friends with similar sleep issues.  On more than one occasion, I contemplated calling out of work, but chickened out because I thought that my insomnia was a silly excuse, instead, opting for a nap, or fueling my work with coffee and water.  But at 27, after a few years of sleep issues, I’ve figured out ways to combat insomnia, especially as it pertains to my running.

Rules for Living with Insomnia

  1. Embrace that shit.  Often, insomnia will thrive on the knowledge that you’re becoming terrified to lay down, for fear that you will lay there for 3 hours or so.  Embrace it.  Physically communicate with it, and approach it head-on.  Tell yourself that you won’t be awake forever, and guess what?  You won’t!
  2. Chill on caffeine, especially after certain times.  You know your body.  For me, I don’t need to be drinking much caffeine after 4pm, and I usually don’t feel it at night.  If you must sip on something, opt for half-caf, or decaf, which contains a smidge of caffeine.
  3. Skip the workout at night.  I am by no means someone who is super comfy with working out early in the morning, but I won’t work out at night, unless I plan to be up for a while.  Your endorphins are flowing, blood is pumping, and ideas are flying around your head.  Save that for the morning, or even midday, when you start to hit a slump.  But skip it before bed.
  4. Don’t work at night.  I work on the blog at night, but as far as work-work, I need to put it down after 7 or so.  If not, my mind is absolutely full, and doesn’t want to shut off for bed.
  5. Mostly skip the screen, but if you must watch some telly before bed, make it mindless.  If it’s bloody, terrifying, or involves Nancy Grace, you probably need to skip it.  It’s not doing your brain any favors that close to bed.
  6. And finally, if you DO find yourself awake in the middle of the night, do something quiet therapeutic, and healing as you try to get back to sleep.  Read a book.  Knit.  Watch something stupid and silly on television.  But don’t start on a project that will take you 4 hours to finish, cause guess what?  You will literally be up for DAYS when you mess with stuff like that.
  7. Okay, this is the for-real last one.  But if you haven’t slept, skip the run.  I’ve made the mistake of running while sleepy, and twisted an ankle, found myself injured, or made poor decisions while navigating the sidewalks.  Sleeping is a time for you to heal.  If you haven’t had enough, skip the workout, head to bed early, and try again in the morning.

And there you have it!  Worst comes to it, take an Ambien once in a while and enjoy how beautiful your skin looks after a full night of sleep.

Have you ever suffered from sleeplessness?  What do you do to combat it? 

I can fall asleep anywhere.

First and foremost, can we all thank my amazing husband (who’s gotten a lot of love on the blog this week), for doing something to my poor laptop to make it run faster?  I have this adorable pink Dell that my dad got me for my Elon graduation in 2009 – I’m trying to squeeze a few more months out of it while I save up for a Mac, and you guys better watch out for the Mac attack because I will be on that thing, editing photos and writing like a crazy person.

Moving right along.

So, yesterday, I participated in Peachy Keen’s fall fashion show.  Remember,  I did their show last spring?

Because of the fashion show (which was a blast) here’s what my day looked like.

The night before, I stupidly drank two extremely large glasses of wine, knowing full well I wanted to be up and ready to go to work by 6am (ish) so I could work for the day and then head to makeup for the show.  So I woke up, feeling awesome (absolutely not) and sobbed through a shower.  Or at least I felt like sobbing.

I worked for the day, got a 5ish or 6ish miler in, and headed to makeup for the show.

The show was Frozen-themed, so makeup was pretty, blue, and ethereal-looking.  And the second I got done with makeup, I laid down on a bench in the dressing room with a tiny pillow, and fell asleep.  I felt nothing, heard nothing, and have no idea how long I was out for, bout it was just long enough to feel refreshed and walk the show no problem.

I don’t want to spoil anything for when the real shots are done being edited and all that fun stuff, so take a little gander at this backstage…

Peachy Fall Show

Makeup was awesome, hair looks good, and the show went off without a hitch.  I even felt myself moved by the spirit, and danced a little on the runway.

IMMEDIATELY following the show, I kid you not, I asked Austin to unzip the back of my dress, and I faceplanted on the bed at about 8:45pm.  The only other time in my adult life I ever remember going to bed that early was once when I had a Zumba training that I went to after a wedding.  I promptly found myself wide awake at 4am, in a mod dress from Loft, wondering where I went so wrong in my life.

But I digress.

What are your guys’ weekend plans, especially given that this weekend is Halloween?  

Me?  Come hell or high water, I will play with this…

LetterpressThis is my new baby that I have yet to get a chance to play with!  I finally got my L-Press from Charlotte, so I would love to break it out and play with it, and in my WILDEST fantasies, get it up and running in time to shoot off some holiday cards.  I can dream big, can’t I?

I slept for like 15 hours last night.

I’ve been eating clean for a good week now, and my meals have been amazing.

But the thing about clean eating is that you’re eating a lot of things that come from the ground, a lot of grains and salad, and not a whole lot of prepackaged stuff.





That’s all well and good, except I don’t think my body was ready for the fiber brick that was about to hit it.  By the time Friday rolled around at lunchtime, I wasn’t feeling well.

Friday afternoon, I was feeling even worse, and by the time I got off of work, I went to bed.

I went to bed around 4:00, again around 6:30, and then once again around 11:00 and didn’t wake up until about 10:30 on Saturday morning, just before my Zumba class.

After all that sleep, a few swigs of pepto, and a double fist full of antacid, I feel okay.  I’m not ready to slam like 8 pizzas or anything, but whewwww, next time, I need to make sure my body is prepped for the fiber party!

How’s your week been?