That was a hard weekend.

Thus far, 2013 has been one of the best, most beautiful, most accomplished years in my entire life.  And I think with the absolute best years in your life, comes some not-so-fun things as well, just to remind you that although life is absolutely beautiful, that we’re all still human. It can’t all be fun and games.

Mid-week last week, we lost my grandmother.  And thus, started the whirlwind.  I quickly got a flight.  Put my clothing for the services on, as the flight cut super close.  And attended final services for my grandmother.

In absolute short, it sucked.  My family is a fun-loving bunch, and it was so hard, so hard to see everyone in such unusually dark clothing, and to see folks, who’re usually laughing, joking, and dancing, with such somber faces.  But I was impressed on how we were able to so quickly come together to send my grandmother off, and let her know we loved her and that she’d be missed here.

I’ll take today off my usual, and we’ll resume tomorrow.