Sunday coffee date.

Today’s coffee date is happening from the comfort of my living room because I wanted to clean and spend some time with the dogs before the week begins.  And instead of coffee, I’m drinking one of my guilty pleasures, Diet Mountain Dew today.  I know I’m sorry I’m the total health queen, but that is one really unhealthy pleasure that I indulge in once in a while.  OH WELL!

Okay, so let’s pretend that we’re on a coffee date together.  Here’s what I might tell you!

Photo on 4-6-14 at 10.54 AM


  • I went to Beerfest last night, and had a great time with some friends.  But since I’m an old lady, I drank only until like 9, and took a cab home so I could walk the dogs.  I was asleep by 10:30.
  • I’m still trying to train the foster beagle on better bathroom habits, so I’m planning yet another date with my carpets and the Hoover Steam Vac.
  • I accidentally bought Resolve Spray-n-Wash for laundry items to pre-treat some of the scary stains on the carpet.  I hope the carpet cleaning machine doesn’t mind.  Living on the edge!
  • Monica from Run Eat Repeat is a redhead who’s obsessed with sriracha, and I think I caught that bug.  I had a sriracha egg and cheese bagel on Monday last week, and I’ve already purchased some to make my own at home!  Why did you all keep this from me?
  • It’s beautiful here in North Carolina, and as it’s half marathon week, I’m already planning a little run before the days end.

What are you up to today?