My sister is getting married tomorrow + random things Friday


My little sister is getting married tomorrow in South Carolina, so tomorrow morning, while all you sleepy-heads are sleeping, I am going to pack myself up, head down, and snap a few photos of my little sister getting hitched.


Deb is the one on the far right, and this photo was taken when she was the white rabbit in her middle school’s production of Alice in Wonderland.  We were all so little.  And now, she’s getting married like WHAAAA!  It’s so short notice, but I was able to get a sub for my usual Saturday Zumba class and the drive is only about three hours and twenty minutes.

Random things Friday:

A few random things.

  • After a ton of trail running and running in the heat, I think my right calf muscle has had enough of chronically being dehydrated in this heat, and uneven running surfaces, because it was cramping something fierce.

foam rollingI managed to find the poor foam roller at the gym, and I found the trigger point and released a lot of the tension and cramping I was feeling.

  • I’m overwhelmed by the congrats I’m getting on my new job! I am so excited to have the job, and now that the cat is officially out of the bag, I’ve gotten a lot of congratulation emails, a lot of hugs, and a lot of high fives.  However, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and I’m terrified that I’m going to do a bad job at my new job.  And I want to do a good job, I want to stay there for like five years and be the best person they’ve ever had for the job.  Is that too much to ask?
  • I fell asleep in fully sweaty dirty clothing from teaching a class last night and that’s disgusting.  I know it.  But I feel asleep watching “The Challenge” on MTV, and I woke up like at midnight, and I could barely even drag myself into bed.  If it comes as any consolation, I did have the wherewithal to put clean clothes on, and I will be washing my sheets today.
  • We met with the photographer from Blest this morning at Bob Evans, and it was greatThey have really put my mind at ease as it relates to the photos, and I’m positive we are in good hands.  As a total side note, our server was the worst and would disappear for like, decades at a time.
  • I’m trying not to mentally check out at work because I recognize that although I have put my two weeks in, it ain’t over just yet, and I need to give it one last final push.
  • I want to get a GOOD chunk of wedding things done this weekend.  That means a good chunk of invites, some more stems for my bouquets, and paying a few of my vendors the other half of the deposit I owe them.

Tell me something random about today!


I must confess!

That my loneliness!

Is killing me now-how-how-how-how….


^^Finish the above lyric, and you get a prize.

By prize, I mean no prize btws, cause I’m just too tired to do a giveaway at this particular juncture.  Maybe I will do more giveaways when I’m married and I have all the time in the world (ha ha to that) but not today.

Also, remember when Britney Spears ruled the world?  And then 2008 happened, poor thing.  I’m glad she’s just bopping around now, recording when she feels like it and making it work.  My personal favorite in her discography was…

image via

Followed by…

image via
image via

Okay, enough of me blathering on however, let’s move onto my confessions. I’m feeling chatty again this week, so you guys get more confessions from me!

>>I’m starting to fall for trail running.  I went out to the state park twice this week with a friend, and I love it, except for it’s a lot more technical than just running around the city, and I tripped a lot.

photo (31)

>>I twisted my ankle running the trail yesterday, but since I was a friend, and didn’t want to look like a huge baby, I didn’t want to stop, and it really felt better after we got going for a while.  But it is really tender today!

>>My carpets desperately need to be vacuumed and shampooed (thank you pets and pet hair).  I need help!

>>This week, and honestly, the past few weeks have been really tough at my job.  Like almost breaking-point tough.  But running, and focusing on other things has made it bearable, but only slightly so.

>>I love this blog.  I love blogging.  I hope to do it til the wheels fall off 🙂

>>I went to work with no makeup on.  I was running late (surprise surprise), and no one had a comment, so I think I will try the no-makeup thing a little more often!

>>I started Proactiv + last week, and I think it’s clearing up the mess on my forehead.  It’s drying, and I knew that my skin can be sensitive to that, so I’ve only been washing with it once a day, every other day, and I’m feeling the results!

>>I went to bed in my clothes again last night. Please don’t judge me. I woke up in a beautiful dress this morning and actually considered going to work in it if I threw a blazer over the top.

Yo turn!  What do you confess?  The only rules are there ain’t no rules 🙂