The world is going nuts.

First and foremost, how are you feeling today?  Better than I am I hope.  With the move to the new house last weekend, trying to set the house up, and a possible trip to Brooklyn this weekend to visit a family member who is ill, my energy is zapped, and it completely freaks me out.

I know in theory, I should be allowed to have a break, and it’s okay, but it worries me and makes me feel like I will get out of practice if I take too much time off of working out.  But I truly don’t feel like I can work out and have a safe and effective workout today, and I need to completely learn to be okay with that.  Right now, I’m focusing on eating well and getting some rest – the excitement from moving, getting a new job, and getting married in a 3-month span has definitely taken it’s toll on my circadian rhythms.

Moving right along however…

Does anyone else feel like the world is going crazy right now?

And I try to keep the blog fairly light, but the world is INSANE right now.  And a few days ago was no different, when I opened up my Facebook, and Urban Outfitters was the number one trending topic.  Now in my mind, there’s only one reason that Urban could be a trending topic, and that’s simply because Urban has made a regular practice out of manufacturing extremely offensive clothing.  So that’s pretty much what I expected – but I wasn’t expecting the depths that they took the word tasteless to.

So reportedly, over the weekend, Urban Outfitters found themselves to be caught up by the screenshot when this photo made its rounds on Twitter.

Urban OutfittersWhen you take a peek, you’ll realize that Urban Outfitters is selling a Kent State Uni sweatshirt decorated fully with blood stains.

Who on Earth thought that this was a good idea?!

They’re all sitting around a marketing meeting, and not a single person thought, “Hey, making light of the senseless killings at Kent State is probably a disgusting thing to do, so I’m going to say something so this doesn’t end up on the website to embarrass me, my department, and my family.

Between this, those idiots (and there are too many to count) in the NFL, and the vast universe of idiocy that is a lot of Washington, I’m really at my wits end.

How about you guys?  What’s the most idiotic thing you’ve heard all week?