The Apple Store.

I visited the Apple store twice in the last four days.  That’s a lot of Apple.  And a lot of products.

So first, I’ve been rocking the same iPod since about 2011-2012, but in reality, the iPod has been floating around for about 5 years, and was gifted to me after some hoodlum stole it from the gym at the Banana on Glenwood (my old apartment building).  The fair Ashely Little, one of my bridesmaids, shipped me the iPod, and saved me a million dollars for my classes.

So last week, I went in to replace the iPod ($150), and while I was there, I swapped out my phone because the camera was doing this weird thing….

10154254_10100302828930373_6607342305233116822_nWhere it would leave this ghostly black line through the top of the photos.  It was driving me crazy, and I felt like, even though I do a lot of my photographing on my new real camera, I hated putting pics like this one up on the blog because it’s ratchet. So I swapped it out.  Free, because I still had 65 days left on my warranty.

So after yesterday’s debacle, when I locked my keys in my car, fell asleep on the front porch, and scraped up the entire right side of my body, I realized, upon falling down and spraining my thumb, that I’d cracked the screen of my new iPhone, the one that I’d gotten 3 days earlier.

When glass started affixing itself to the side of my head, I knew I had to go in.  And there, 4 days after I swapped out my iPhone, I spent $200 despite begging and pleading for them to have mercy on me to replace my broken phone.

Expensive lesson learned.

Once again, I nailed it.

On the plus, the people at the Apple store are really nice, and I feel for them because of the sheer volume of idiocy I saw.  Some guy jumped in line in front of me to check in, then left the grounds when they were calling his name.  This older lady from Michigan plopped down in a chair and then stated that she had not been helped.  But you plopped down and thought someone was gonna magically know to help you in a crowded store?  Then this couple was literally shouting at this one associate….I just cannot.

Tell me your best broken phone story!