My week in pitchurs (that’s how it sounds when people down here say it!)

This week, my first week back at home in Raleigh, has been a whirlwind of working, teaching Zumba classes, adding new songs to my lineup, job things, and trying to reset my life here in Raleigh. Honestly, it was hard to leave my mom last Saturday morning, and I wish I didn’t have to. But she’s improving, and I can’t hang around my parents’ house forever, right?  So my week in a few pitchurs.

Marathon 1

The Greensboro Marathon.  Oh guess who’s doing their second marathon in October?  If you guessed Sydney Poitier, you guessed wrong.  ME!  I am doing the Greensboro Marathon October 26th, after I searched both high and low for a race I could do (within financial reason) this fall!  The race starts in Elon (which obviously, I’m obsessed with because I went there, duh,), and ends in downtown Greensboro.  I’m hoping for a little bit prettier weather than the marathon I did last spring, and I’m better prepped for how boring life will get around mile 17.  I can do this!  Hang in there for marathon posts, I’m sure there will be a TON.

Marathon 3Zucchini Fire.  It’s zucchini season in good ol’ NC, and I’ve come into possession of several humongous zucchini weanies. I had to find a way to cook them. And what other way than grating them into some zucchini bread? Well, me being the domestic goddess that I am, I overfilled my bread pans, and they leaked into the oven, where they started a fire in my kitchen. Not kidding. I was literally using my lungs to put it out in a desperate effort to save my bread. The bread was saved, and I only had to spend like 89 hours scrubbing the oven out with a piece of steel wool. #Winning.

Marathon 2

Headstand victory.  My yoga teacher, the young little Emily Wallace down at Indigo Hot Yoga, let us play around with a few headstands today, and instructed us, step-by-step, on how to get up into one.  I got up, and was able to stay up for a few seconds.  Do I need more work? Yes.  Do I need to get a little more consistent in my practice to continue to see progress, and to continue being a Bendy Wendy, even when I train for this marathon?  Absolutely.  But it felt good, and it took my mind off of serious stuff to be able to work out my core and stay up in a headstand for a while.

Can we say “whew”?  What a friggin week!