Legally Blonde.

tumblr_mhx6artPEr1qmn5ngo2_250So, Saturday night, I went to see Legally Blonde: The Musical in Greensboro, NC.  It’s playing for two more weekends, so if you’re interested, please go see it.  Seats sell out quickly so go here if you’re interested at all.

Onto the post!

DSC_0192So, I went to school with Elle Woods, there in the middle, I’m good friends with Stephen, there on the end who played Kyle, the UPS guy, and, down on the bottom row is Michael, who played Nikos, the pool boy.

DSC_0193Zoom in here to see some more of the show dates.




These boys totally had their own moments where they each stole the show.  Michael, on the left played Nikos, and they did a hysterical song called “Gay or European,” – it was hysterical!  Michael definitely flexed his stank face muscles during this one.  Stephen, on the right, stole the show when he played Kyle, the UPS guy that Paulette is obsessed with.  He had the BEST little costume, and the way he strutted around stage had the entire crowd giggling.

DSC_0201There’s Elle in the middle, who did a fantastic job.  I loved her hot pants costume the best!

DSC_0202And finally, I met my style icon at the show.  She was wearing a bump it and rocking it, and one of her friends complimented my outfit.  Swoon.  But seriously, she might be the inspiration for my wedding hair!

Seriously, go see this show.  They didn’t pay me to say that.  Kinda wish they did.  But whatevs.

Okay, whether it’s the movie or the musical, what was your favorite part of Legally Blonde?

Weather Obsession

Marathons are very much like weddings in that you do this…thing.

You check the weather incessantly, smiling when it looks good (about 10 days out), and progressively getting more anxious as you realize that things aren’t going to go the way you planned. That’s so life right?

You have to understand where I’m coming from here though. There was a point during training where I was running, in the mountains of Pennsylvania on a 94-degree day with like 77% humidity. I never dried off that day, btws. Never for a second did I think that I’d be crossing the start line in Greensboro with a starting temp of 32 degrees.


Of course, there are a few conflicting reports on what temp we’re starting in, but the truth is, it’s gonna be effing cold.

No matter, it’s off to the running store I go tonight. Objective? A better pair of gloves that actually fit my limbs, and those little hot hands thingies to stick in my gloves while we’re just chilling and waiting around for the gun to go off. And it’s time (now two days away) to plan a good outfit.