NRR (Not running related), but there are good people in this world.

Number 1, Lancer Armstrong is starting to smell a little funky from me running, and then getting directly into my car.  I desperately need one of those like poop guards you put on your seats to sop up all the run sweat that’s started to accumulate on my seats since I’ve been home.  Usually, in Raleigh, I just run, and run straight into the shower.  Here, since my parents live a little further out, I usually have to drive, and that’s creating a stinky sitch in my car.  Your recommendations are welcome, it’s starting to get gross.

So I was heading home from the Titanic Y today, and it’d rained a a ton.  As I was heading down the two-lane home, I realized that I was driving directly over a poor little turtle, who looked scared for his life.  So I’m a huge dork, and I whipped my car around, all the while screaming and crying that nothing better happen to my new friend, the turtle.

As I approached the turtle from the other direction, and flicked on the hazards, a women pulled up to my left and stopped.

A couple pulled behind me, and blocked any traffic from coming up behind us.

And together, the four of us made sure the turtle got off the road safely.

Warmed my dorky heart.  There are still good people in this world.