Gender Reveal Party!

I totally promised you guys I would share how the whole gender reveal thing went down.  Full warning, if you type in “gender reveal,” there are a number of really caustic responses to the concept.  Generally I was a little ??? at that because it’s one of those things, that if you find them so offensive, you really don’t have to go, but I guess people feel really strongly about them.

If you’re reallllly curious, I’m not going to link the article here, but there is one particular article that was in a popular women’s mag.  The woman seemed genuinely angered at the concept of the gender reveal, stating, “I love cake, but I don’t need to learn about your future kid’s genitalia just to enjoy some frosting.”  I mean, so go get yourself a slice of cake from Whole Foods, and decline the next invite.  No one is forcing you to go, right?

Anyhoo, Austin and I really like to get together with our friends/family.  We have since we got together.  And we thought a little gender reveal would be a neat way to get everyone together on a nice spring day.

So the way it worked: we went to get our anatomy/gender scan on Tuesday, which I talked about before.  It was pretty cool because we literally saw everything.  Brains, limbs, bones, major organs.  We were able to check for markers of major issues, and everything turned out to be developing nicely, which was a nice relief.

You ALSO have the option to find out the gender.  Which again, folks are split on.  Some people are like, “OMG no, you CANNOT find out,” and others are like “I would literally die if I didn’t know.” To each their own right?  But we wanted to find out kinda, have the gender given to this card shop that I love, have them give us confetti poppers, and pop them at a party.

So we had everyone come over around 2, and served really gross food.  By gross, I mean delicious, but it was like fried chicken, mac and cheese, dirty rice, mashed potatoes, potato salad, and desserts.  All prepped by me if you can believe it!  And by that, I mean, we ordered Bojangles.

So halfway through, when folks had been drinking and playing yard games for a while, we gathered everyone out on the lawn, handed our four or five confetti poppers from Thimblepress, and on the count of 3, we popped them to reveal that we were having a little boy!



This picture is facially awful, but if you’re curious about what the bod looks like about 20 weeks pregnant, this is it.


When all was said and done, I was, WE were, just so thrilled to have folks out there to celebrate.  We ended up hanging out super late, and falling into bed really fat and happy.

I’m just so excited to have a little boy.  I know that either way, we’d be happy and thankful for a healthy sweet kid, but I secretly love little boys and how sweet and snuggly they are, and I’m so excited.  We have NO clue on names, but we have some time to decide!

What were you up to this (last?!) weekend?

19 Weeks…it’s a…

You have to wait until the very very end of this post to find out.  No skipping ahead, okay?

Baby is the size of a: Mango.  I LOVE mango.  This is good.

Due date: Sept 3rd, 2016

Total weight gain:  Girl idk.  I’m gonna guess between the 10-12 lb range.  Sometimes I have a belly.  Sometimes not though when I haven’t eaten yet and that is super annoying.  I am very much in a stage when men are starting to think I’ve just gotten into the Cheetos.  It’s so funny, because most of these guys are too scared to ask.  And for good reason, I think.

Sleep:   Sleep has been a weird sort of thing for me.  I’ve been falling asleep ok, but I sort of get up around 3, 3:30 in the morning.  A few nights ago, it was a really terrible dream, and I just couldn’t get back to sleep.  I’m hoping to get a few hours tonight so I don’t want to curse at all during the day.

Best moment this week:  We found out the gender of the baby last Tuesday, and the anatomy scan was great.  It was so detailed.  I saw everything.  The baby’s brain, legs, bones.  The baby is pretty together, it just needs to do some growing.  It needs to be a little bigger than a mango for me to be able to hold it!

Food cravings:   Nah.  Whenever I think I really want something to eat, by the time I get it ready, I don’t really want it anymore!

Food aversions:  About the same.  Nothing super different.

Symptoms:  I pee just NONSTOP.  And you have to drink water or you’ll feel like shit.  But I pee day and night.

Looking forward to:  New York this weekend!  I am hopping on a plane and starting in New Jersey on Friday to see some family, and then Saturday evening/Sunday I am going to see the folks I group chat with on a daily basis from school.  I was gonna drive, but nearly fell asleep driving to DC, and decided to fly up.

So…want to know what we’re having?

It’s a…


LITTLE BOY!  I’ll fill you in on Wednesday on the reveal.


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