That time I sent my fiancé to Michael’s for something…

By now, you know that I’m marrying this guy…


And he’s so amazing at so many things.  He’s an amazing caregiver, he’s smart, he’s sweet, he’s hysterical, and he’s two tons of fun to do stuff with  Some of the most things that we have done have involved us taking trips to Target to get stuff that we need.  It’s so awesome.  But alas, my honey-bear isn’t good at everything.  And disaster struck two nights ago.

Earlier this week, I went to Michael’s to pick up some things for my button/brooch bouquets.  This time, the experience was much better.  I’m honestly really curious to see who was the heinous woman that I dealt with in floral a few weeks ago cause she was mean and she sucked.

Moving right along.

So something that I needed for the bouquets was 50% off, and in the spirit of saving as much money as possible for the wedding, I sent Austin, with specific instructions for what I needed 5 fake blooms of certain flowers to provide the shape for my bouquets.  One of which was a peony bloom.

Evidently, Austin looked up something called a pilonie (I’m not kidding), and purchased this weird flower thing that I can’t find for the life of me now that I tried.  I literally gasped when I saw him, clutching these flowers in his hands, but the look on his face was so proud, so cute, and so accomplished, that I accepted the blooms with open arms.  (I later located the receipts and had to exchange them for the correct flower).

You ever sent your significant other out for something – with disastrous results?