Sometime terrible has happened.

I lost my day planner in the move.

My pink day planner.  The one that I purchased in January that held the key to all my appointments, held all my Zumba classes, and best yet my marathon training, that I’d so meticulously laid out between now and October.

I called Austin in a panic and accused him of stealing it.  (Reasonable)

I checked everywhere that I thought it could be. (No dice).

And I’ve determined that my planner, with my marathon training is shoved in the bottom of some box, and I can’t live another second like this – I went to Barnes and Noble and bought another one so I can redo my marathon training and start anew.

Do I go with this sassy gold planner?

Do I go with this like bright pink fuchsia one again?

Do I wait for the other one to pop up? (No)

I settled on the 2014 Deluxe Calendar.  If I find the pink planner, we can be friends, and that can be my casual planner (casual list-making, duh), but if you need me, I’ll be making lists and re configuring my life.  You know where to find me.