The C-Word

Last week, I logged into Facebook (let’s be real, my shiz is never ever not logged in), and was really really unpleasantly surprised to see that a few folks that I knew were posting the following to their Facebook timelines.

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 8.14.00 PM.jpgI kind of already knew that something sketchy was going on, because the description was in all caps, and the web address ended in a, meaning that someone, possibly even someone like me, had published a big article, containing their opinions on cancer, but stating them as truth, a truth that they claimed had come directly from Johns Hopkins University.

I investigated further.

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 8.12.46 PMThe article contained unsubstantiated claims, ranging from the fact that cancer was fed by sugar, to the super wild, that cancer was caused by nutritional deficiencies. 

Firstly, a friend just lost her mother, and my parents, their friend, to cancer, and it was almost insulting to read claims from some random blog that stated that the cancer that she had suffered from was her fault, and due to a nutritional deficiency?  Do you think that someone that has lost a parent, a sibling, or a friend to this disease really wants to hear it was their fault for eating too much sugar?  Nope.  And secondly, I was baffled at the fact that folks who seemed of normal to above-average intelligence, were circulating something that contained statements made in all-caps, not to mention, it was not in any way affiliated with Johns Hopkins.

So, just to be on the safe side folks, before posting, reposting, or circulating really incendiary info, check for a few things.

  • From where, or from whom is the information claiming to circulate from?  If it’s from a radio station, or from a Facebook group that has a sketchy or offensive name, chances are, it’s no good to circulate.
  • Still not sure?  Check to see if the info is coming from a .gov, a .org, or a .edu.  If it’s coming from a personal blog, (even like the gorgeous and amazing one you’re reading right now,) chances are, Johns Hopkins didn’t circulate the info.  If they did, they research institute in question should be cited clearly in the article.
  • Are there racial slurs embedded within the article?  How about typos?  Grammatical errors?  Don’t repost it, because it makes it look like you’re down with all or one of the above.
  • And finally, if the information affects a large portion of the population and makes some outrageous claim (STUDY FINDS THAT ALL WOMEN ARE INCAPABLE OF READING) use the skills of critical thinking and discernment, and resist the urge to post it.

What’s the most weird/outrageous/ridiculous article you’ve seen circulated recently?








My memorial service.

Okay, before we get into this post, can I just tell you how many times I have wanted to punch the router at my parents’ house?  I think I said this yesterday, but it must be federal law that if you are an old person, that that wireless at your house must suck, because trying to blog here?  I have been tempted to tear each and every one of my locs out.

Moving right along.

So the reason I’m here at my parents’ house in the first place is actually kind of somber.  A friend of mine, of ours, mother passed away after a long, long battle with cancer.  Her two daughters are me and Debbie’s age, so the whole family made it out to a beautiful, beautiful service.  Seriously, this church was packed.

As soon as we walked in, displayed was a beautiful picture of Wendy and her two daughters.  As we entered, we entered to beautiful singing, and were handed the most fun program I’ve ever seen.

And the service was great.  Full of friends, the service was more singing than talking (as was Wendy’s wish,) and the talking that was done was reflecting on Wendy’s life, her smile, and most of all, her love for Christ.

The service had me thinking, what would my memorial service be like?  What do I want to be remembered for?

I haven’t gotten as far as thinking of how I want my service to be done, or where, but I do know what I want to be remembered for.

photo (23)When it comes to this, I want to be remembered for:

  • My ability to love.  I’ve always loved love.  I love so much.  I love my family.  My family-to-be.  My home. My animals.  Writing.
  • My love for animals.  I am the proud Mama of two animals, and the stepmama to a third.  That is really more than enough but I love love love them all so much.
  • My love for music.  I was named after a Stevie Wonder song.  There’s no way I wouldn’t love music.  I love it all, I sing it all, and I dance to it all.
  • My love of laughter.  Ladies and gents, I love to laugh.  I love to laugh at myself, and more importantly, I love to make fun of others.  All in good fun, of course, I’m not gonna like, make fun of someone’s cockeye or something, but I love a laugh.
  • The right thing.  I think above all, I want everyone to know that I always tried/will continue to try to do the right thing.  I may not always.  I’m human, and I’m gonna screw up, but I really, truly have always tried to do what I thought was the right thing.

Now I hope all this wasn’t too morbid for you, but you have to understand, my mind has been on this, especially with the passing of my grandmother, and now Wendy.  If you’re comfortable with it, how would you like to be remembered?