Pantry Pests.

Up again early! It’s about 6am on a morning, and I’m up again.  I had to go to the ladies room.  I would get out and go run shuffle around the lake, but it’s still a little dark, so I’m waiting for the sun to come up.


I don’t eat cereal.  It’s one of those foods, where you  look at the serving size, and you snarl.  It’s almost like a trick!  Why would I eat 3/4ths of a cup of something at some ridiculous amount of sugar when I could enjoy a piece of toast and some eggs, things with avocados in them, or a huge smoothie and be much more filled up?  Plus, who wants to be hungry 5 minutes after you eat something?

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But some weeks ago, I was craving something really sweet, and decided to get some Cocoa Krispies and Total to mix together to snack on for a few days.  The last time I remember eating Coco Krispies, or their off-brand counterpart, was the morning that President Obama was inaugurated during winter term of my (senior?) year at Elon?  I remember this because class was cancelled due to a really good snowstorm, so I ate like a gallon of chocolate cereal and watched him and the First Lady (in her yellow almost-duster length jacket), by myself.

Well, I bought some cereal, ate it for a few days, and put it away.  A few weekends ago, I went to go get another bowl of the Total (the Krispies were long gone), and after a few bites, I looked down, and there were these little black bugs in the cereal.  I tossed the box, and replaced it when we went shopping a few weekends ago.  I was up early one morning, poured myself a bowl again, and…

You guessed it.  Bugs in the newer box of cereal too, that had only just been opened and sealed with a clip after.

So after I tossed that box too, and consulted social media land, as well as Dr. Google, the doctor told me that my pantry was most likely full of weevils, and we needed to go through and throw out anything that was sort of “naked” in the pantry.  The cereal, flour, and dog treats (which were buck  naked in the box) were full of the little critters, and we tossed them all.  

So, I’m not really sure I’ll be bringing any bulk items in the house for a while – certainly not cereal or dog treats, and we’ll be investing in a ton more airtight containers for things we do have.  I’m not sure why, but I am insanely grossed out by the weevils, and I’m feeling itchy.  Blah.

Anyhoo, how was your weekend?  


Running at Night.

So first things first (I’m the realest). I’m sorry, I had to.  Couldn’t help myself.  But I hope you all had a really great Labor Day.  I woke up at some point really early in the morning to my husband yelping that one of that cats was ricocheting his feline body off of our end tables.  It sounded sort of like a demon had been released in our room.  So we remedied that by putting the offender in question in the guest bedroom, where he proceeded to rocket around the room like a big cat, but we managed to get some sleep, at least for a little while, which I’m not sure we’ve enjoyed since we got married last week.

I was able to convince Austin to take me to the WaHo (the Waffle House, for those of you not well-versed in all things breakfast).  And for those of you who’ve known me ever, you know I love southern breakfast food, so it’s really nice to treat myself to that once in a while.  So I was able to convince the hubs to take me there with the promise that we would hit up the run club to run a few hours later.

Now if there’s something disgusting on the menu somewhere, there’s a good chance that my husband will order it.  With that in mind, look at this monstrosity that my husband ordered.

BreakfastI believe that is an ENTIRE plate dedicated to hash browns adorned with jalepeños, ham, cheese, tomatoes, hot sauce, and I believe onions.  And he ate ALL of them.  (He ran twice yesterday to make up for it.)

We topped off breakfast by going into my job for a little while for me to catch up on some emails and for me to move the cycling bikes back into the studio for the week after we got the floors refinished, and ended the day with a long, hot run through downtown Raleigh.

Running at Night

I was at the coffee shop writing, right by the windows, when I saw her.

She was tiny, gorgeous, and fast, and she was running.  Nothing wrong with that quite obviously – I run like I brush my teeth, I sort of feel like it’s necessary for me to function like a normal human being, but I was struck by the fact that this tiny girl was running at night.

My first instinct was to think, “She shouldn’t be doing that!? Is she dumb or something?!”

And then I had to pull it back.  I should be able to run out night – she should be able to run at night without me thinking about how stupid of a girl she must be.  And unfortunately, a few stupid, horrible, sick guys have made it so that we can’t even do what we do at night without fearing for our safety.

So me?  I don’t really run at night.  Sometimes, during the winter especially, it’s unavoidable, but running at night, while exhilarating, makes me nervous, and takes away from my run.

Ladies, what do you think?  Do you run at night?

Botched + Second Breakfast

First all, let me tell you about this app I discovered.

I registered me and the hubster for Fitbits for our wedding.  While we’re kinda like waitinnnng for one of our awesome friends to bestow upon us gifts so we don’t get “marriage fat” like a lot of folks say that you do when you get married, I’ve downloaded this app, called ‘Moves’ that I heard about in Shape Magazine last month.

It’s on your iPhone, and it tracks your movement throughout the day.  My goal is 10K steps, and I may up that to 20K once I get my Fitbit and can track when I’m not carrying my phone on me.  What is great about things like these is the fact that you never realize how sedentary you are until you have the numbers to back it up.  As a really active person, it’s pretty nuts that I sometimes have to hop up from my desk and do a lap to get my steps in.

Moves AppWhat I think is really cool, is the point in the day where I have run more steps than I’ve walked.  It always makes me think that my main mode of transport is my two legs, and that is really the coolest feeling – that I am really self-sufficient in a sense.


So part of the  other thing I’ve had to adopt doing is this concept of “second breakfast”. I used to have to do the second breakfast thing when I was working in the bakery at Whole Foods for a little while, post grad-school.  If you didn’t know, if you work in a bakery, you have to wake up at ungodly hours in order to have breads, coffees, and sweet things out.  So I used to eat something light and quick before work, and then during my break around 10 am or so, I would eat second breakfast, which was a more substantial meal.  Since I sometimes drop by my job super early or try to take an instructor’s class, I’m starting that second breakfast thing.  Usually my breakfasts are super healthy and involved a fruit and/or a smoothie.  But sometimes I go to Whole Foods and get one of these…

SconeWell, two things.  I ate one a few days later.  But yum to that breakfast!  I wish I could live off of breakfast foods and sweet things.  But alas, scones aren’t very good marathon fuel, so I have to eat other things sometimes.  Bummmmer!


I think you guys have me pretty well figured out by now.  I love love love reality television, and I will watch anything once.  Except the NFL.  So over 4th of July weekend, I started watching this show called ‘Botched’ which has changed my life for good.

The premise of ‘Botched’?

The premise involves two famous plastic surgeons, who we know as husbands of Real Housewives, Terry DuBrow and Paul Nassif, high skilled surgeons, who are consulted to do revisional surgeries, or basically, to fix surgeries once horrid surgeons have screwed it up.  It is so so frightening to know that there are doctors who run around screwing up people’s bodies, but they’re out there, hacking folks’ bodies left and right.

Now I’m pretty cool with my body, and I take good care of it, but once in a while, I think about getting my breasts reduced and lifted, or getting my nose fixed to look like my sister’s who I swear got the good nose.  But after watching hours of ‘Botched,’ I say HECK NO.  What a scary show!

What is your favorite breakfast food cuties?!



What was your fatty meal?



We all have one.  The meal you ate way too much of hungover in college.  You ate it when you were 40 pounds heavier than you are now.  And now you only eat it once or twice a year, but when you do, it’s literally the best meal you’ve ever eaten in your life.

Mine was anything breakfast related, but in particular, an egg and cheese biscuit and plain hash browns from the Waffle House.

Well yesterday, I was meeting someone at the coffee house over by State, and I saw it.  They’re opening a Waffle House and they’re hiring.  Should I quit my full-time gig?

I kid.  (Kinda!)

But what’s your meal?