#runnerprobs, part 2

Okay.  I know I’m a little dramatic.  And darker-skinned than some of you.   But this bee sting I suffered the other day while running freaking sucks!



It’s itchy. I ran today, and it stings.  And the only time it feels good is when I’m in the shower and my high-pressured water thingie runs over it.  To all my peeps out there, experienced in this sort of runner’s tragedy, what the HECK do I do to make this thing stop itching, and to turn my collarbone back to the delicious shade of latte with skim it’s supposed to be? I’m desperate here!


I hear Facebook is hashtagging it now, so let’s so how the title of this post holds up.

Bee Sting

Look closely at my collarbone. See that little area of irritation? That, my dear runner friends is a runnerprob I’d never encountered.

LeeAnn Rimes, that sassy little minx, was playing on the iPod, and I must’ve run directly into the little sucker, because all of a sudden, I was hit, and I had to run home with my collarbone stinging because sweat kept dripping into it.  Whew!  Drama.  Folks, the moral of the story is, carry your Epipen around, you never know when you’ll be hit with dat beestang.