4th recap

The three-day weekend was perfect, but I’m almost at the point where three days was a little bit much for me because I laid on the couch nearly all day on Sunday, avoiding a smelly pile of laundry that needs to get done, and a dirty blender that has been in my sink all day.

As for my list of things that I wanted to do on the 4th, I think I achieved them all – the only thing I didn’t do was lay by the pool because the weather was unseasonably cool for North Carolina, and it was in the 80s all weekend – not blazing like I usually like it for pool days.

So on the fourth, we started the gorgeous day by doing NOTHING.  Well, almost.

First, I ran the Raleigh Downhill Mile with Matthew, where I found some friends.

photo 1I was able to crank out the mile fast enough so that I could cheer that little cutie on.

photo 2Matthew is a dear friend and my supervisor (for like two more days), and it was so fun to do something other than track down clients on a Friday morning at the race.  The girls raced first, so I was able to see him punch out a really impressive finish!

photo 5I cranked out a mile in 7:21.  However, my last name is not Armack, so the only proof you really have that it happened is my Garmin.  Which actually says I ran a 7:20 so HOLLA!  One of these days I will maintain a pace like this over the course of 13.1 miles.  A girl can dream, right?

photo 3

We were able to hit a local fancy coffee shop for some post-race eats.

photo 4And post race, we hit the WRAL Sand Desk that they’d set up.  How cool is that, right?

Once I got home, I laid on the couch, reading ‘The Fault in Our Stars,’ while Austin loudly chomped on peanut butter and jellies.  For hours, literally hours, Austin and I watched American Ninja Warrior while I fantasized about one day getting my upper body strong enough to fly through that course and make it up the Warped Wall.  Maybe one day…

I napped, of course.

And finally we headed out to see some friends for the 4th.

4thofJulyThe rest of the weekend was spent reading, napping, and running.  We also meet our wedding officiant, which is a fabulous woman who we seemed to click with really really well, so it feels awesome to cross another thing off the list.

On a personal front, I feel like emotionally, I’m a mess.  But I need to keep my eye on the prize, at the end of this emotional road, I get a new, wonderful husband, new pets, a new home, and a ton of time with friends and family, and that’s what’s important.

How was your 4th?

Things I will do on the 4th of July…

I’m sitting here, and I don’t really know what to do with myself.

After I taught my Thursday night Zumba class at the Y, I actually had time to hop on the bike and ride for a while, and lift because…I had nowhere to be early on Friday morning….because it’s the 4th!

I feel so fortunate.  I am a global thinker, and I am going to love, once we get married, to travel all over with my hubby.  But my parents both come from developing nations, and because of that, I feel like I have an appreciation for the States.  I get really up in arms about politics here, about decisions the Supreme Court makes, about things I see on social media, and especially during elections – presidential and midterm, but once in a while, I have to step back and marvel at the fact that we live in a country where that sort of thing can do down, and you won’t get your head chopped off for voicing your opinion.  Let’s not take that for granted.

So one cool thing about the 4th is that my agency is closed, meaning that I have Friday 100% off.

A day in the middle of the week off?  YAAAS HONEY.

So in order for this day to be 100% successful, I have to make a list to make sure I hit everything to make this the best best best best best 4th day off in the middle of the week ever.

Things I will do on the 4th of July:

  • Give my hubby-to-be a kiss before I forget – the 5th of July is our 1-year anniversary of being engaged, and all I have is pee-in-my-pants excitement about getting to marry Austin.  Eep eep!
  • Work on my blog, and go read some other blogs.  The past few days, what with invites and all, I have not gotten as much time to read, and I’d love to catch up on some of my blogging babes.  I have some really amazing chicks I look up to, and I’m so so fortunate to have them in my life.
  • Run the Raleigh Downhill Mile.  It’s a race that consists of…one downhill mile.  I’m not sure how fast I can do it – it may be really hot, and my poor tendon might not be feeling its best, but I’d like to gauge how I do a mile when I go balls to the wall for a mile.
  • Visit a newly-married friend!  A friend of mine and her new husband bought a house, and we want to head over to her place to give them something for their nice, new house!
  • Nap. NO explanation required.
  • Do something wedding related. Idk what that is yet, but it couldn’t hurt right?
  • Download ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ on my Kindle. A librarian told me I MUST.
  • Go to the pool and socialize with young thangs drinking beer and chicken fighting with each other.

What are your plans on this beautiful 4th?  Anyone experiencing any nasty Arthur weather?