I think it’s important…

To note those little things that make you happy.  They can be stupid as all get out, but they’re not stupid if they’re important to you right?  And here it is, my list of little things that have made me incredibly blissful as of the past few days.

  1. This song, called the “Story of my Life” by One Direction.  It kind of sounds like Phillip Phillips, and I’m not shy to admit that it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I told you guys earlier that I’d added that song to my running playlist, so you know it’s serious.
  2. These two Redboxes I got, Behind the Candelabara and the One Direction Movie.  I watched them on nights when I was doing a kind-of “Cheri” night, and it’s so nice to lay around and watch movies that you can dance and sing along to.
  3. This cat.
  4. photo
  5. This ring I found on Etsy the other day and I can’t find anywhere else.  And if anyone feels inclined to buy this for me, I would love it.  I’d ask Austin, but he recently bought me another ring – I think there must be some sort of statute on how long I have to wait before I ask him for more of my finds.
  6. photo
  7. Clean workout clothes.  None of which I have right now.  I need to throw a load in, but I’m busy chatting it up with you all!  But I did make a New Years Resolution to be a better housekeeper, right?  ::sigh:: Being a grown-up without a housekeeper totally blows.
  8. This brown microsuade blanket I bought when I was in college on clearance from Target.  As cold as it’s been, I’ve pulled that thing out of the guest bedroom, and I love waking up with the under-blank temp between 75-80 degrees.  Caliente!
  9. And finally, this trashy television that I’ve DVRed.  I’m a sommelier of fine tasty reality television, mainly anything that Andy Cohen has touched, but I really don’t have a whole lot of time to watch it during the week.  Laying on the bed with the cat, with Austin puttering around while I catch up on all the bad telly I’ve missed during the week makes me so insanely blissful.

So what’s making you happy this week?  

What are you listening to?

I have a very visceral reaction to music.  The first time I ever heard Waka Waka by Shakira, I welled up and got all teary.  I think I was also going through a breakup and  I also get like hyper-emotional when I work out, so it may just be that but whatevs.

The other day, I was riding to dinner with the husband-to-be and one of those cheesy countdowns of the top 5 songs was on.  I typically only listen to the Beyoncé CD in my car, most specifically Yoncé/Partition, but I decided that Queen Bey could use a break.

I heard this song.


And I kind of started feeling weepy.  I make no bones about the fact that I am 25 shit 26 years old, and a full-fledged Directioner (Zayn is the best, and the movie was hilarious and fantastic).

This song was immediately added to my running playlist, no questions asked.

Now here’s my question for you.

What song have you recently added to your running/workout playlist?