Chafing vs. Chaffing: The age-old debate.

This is really one of those things that makes me put my head into my hands, willing the migraine I feel coming on to go away.

It’s kind of thing, much like the there/their/they’re your/you’re to/too thing that literally makes me want to rip all my hair out.  But this one has been relegated to the runner’s portion of of society because of our issues, what happens when one area of the body performs a repetitive motion.  Or in my case, it’s what happens to my thighs, between my boobs, and the skin that peeks out right underneath my armpit when I run for anything more than like 8 miles.

Certain shorts exacerbate this problem in my thighs.

It always happens between my boobs because I tend to lose weight when I’m in a serious training cycle, and my boobs move around a little more within the confines of their cage.

And it likes to happen when I’m wearing a tank top or those cute running tops with the cap sleeves on them.

During Ragnar in Vegas, I made a critical error when I wore the diaper, the Norts that all you cute college kids are wearing with your tall cotton socks, to run my first 13-mile leg in.  I knew I was in trouble right around the 8-mile mark, and spent the remainder of my time trying to sanitarily (which is not a word, according to the red squiggly that’s appeared underneath) rub the shared stick of body glide on my thighs.

What I’m referring to is chafing.

Not chaffing.


And I’m writing about it today, not to tell you how to avoid it, cause I really don’t even know.  But more so to tell you how deeply it offends me when you spell it chaffing.

It’s gross.

Stop doing it.

It looks like it should be pronounced “laughing” when you spell it that way.  I don’t take you seriously as a running/fitness blogger when you spell it that way.  It doesn’t make me want to offer you my body glide when you spell it that way.

When you spell it that way, it detracts from your overall message.

Please.  Running bloggers.  People who post a lot on the running forums.  Moms who utilize Desitin.  Cyclists who use Chammy Butter.  It’s chafing.  For the love of God.


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