I was gone yesterday, so no #weddingwednesday post for you guys, which I’m sorry about.  Well, not that sorry.  Oprah told me I should stop apologize for just doing me so…bye haterz!

At any rate, I’m writing to you from the air, somewhere above Texas.

If you’re new here, you’re prolly all “Whhhhaaa homegirl’s from Texas?!” so let me explain.

I’d briefly mentioned over the past few weeks that I’d be in Las Vegas this weekend for my first ever Ragnar Relay, joining 5 other girls on an ultra team to run from a ski resort alllll the way down down down over the course of about two days.

I think honestly, I haven’t talked about it a ton because of the sheer volume of things I’ve had going on.  With the move, with the new husband, with the foster beagle who sits on the back of the couch and keeps me company while I write – there’s a lot that’s been going on.

That and I’m a little terrified.  Because I’m running 35 miles over the course of two days, and I’m not a million percent sure that I’ve ever done something like that.  But I kind of take it like I take everything else, like a challenge that I will get through and learn from.  I’m taking this as a practice run for when I want to do my first ultra, once I convince my husband that nothing will happen to me if I nutrish up properly for an ultra.

So my fabulous day of travel?

So, Tuesday night, while my husband was out playing with some friends, I straightened up the house and folded the mountain of clothes that had taken up residence in every single corner of the bedroom.  I have this ritual of scrubbing my living space every time I go on a trip because in case I die, I don’t my my husband/my mother/whoever is coming to collect my things to be like “omg, ew what a trash bag she was.” I mainly just want people to come in, should I find myself you know, gone to the Starbucks in the sky, and be like “Oh man, her house smells so good, it smells just like essential oils and Glade plugins, may she rest in peace.”

So once I got that all squared away and hit the sack, Wednesday morning, I woke up with my husband, who generally leaves a bit earlier than I do, started packing, and making myself some breakfast, and went into work for a few hours.  I love my job, am obsessed with my job, and I actually feel guilty when I leave it, so I wanted to go to make sure that everything was set there.

I headed home, hubby picked me up, and off I went to make my way to Vegas!  Now I’m actually on the second leg of my trip, but a few things to share with you.

Once again, my first leg, they had me on some crazy little commuter plane, second time that’s happened in a year, but I survived by doing the only thing I knew how to do in these situations – I literally SLEPT for every second of the like, six-hour flight.   I was seriously passed out so hard that the flight attendant asked me if I was okay with the same concerned look on her face as when I broke a bone one time and was laying on the ground.  I musta been looking really rough.

This really horrid girl put her BARE FRIGGIN FEET up on the arm rest and I almost fainted.


And that’s pretty much been it!

I’m nervous for my first time in Vegas, but excited to meet some new friends, and definitely really excited to take pictures so you guys will be really jealous of me.  Kidding!  Kinda…

So no question today, but leave me a random comment so I have something to answer when I’m in the van/in the hotel tomorrow!  Seriously, leave me anything, ask me any question!

4 thoughts on “Vegas!

  1. Haha I like to do laundry before I leave. Passing out for the entire flight is the best feeling ever!!! It’s like you haven’t wasted a second.

    AND OMGOSH have fun for your first time in Vegas!!! If you have time, definitely go to Bachi Burger they have amazinggg fusion burgers (seriously) and a great portabella burger too in case you have vegetarian friends. Firefly is also a decent/not outrageously priced place near the strip (love the diablo shrimp, bacon wrapped dates, fries most things there actually).

    Good luck with run too, of course 🙂

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