I need your help!

Okay, so I will keep reminding you day in and day out.  But something really exciting happened to me.

So I found out last weekend, and I wasn’t really allowed to tell anyone until about 1 am.

Women’s Running Magazine is hosting a contest for their next cover model.  Me and about two thousand women entered, and GUESS WHAT?! I am a finalist!  One of nine exquisitely beautiful women.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 7.37.24 AMSo I stuck a new link to the right.  I will remind you all over the place.  But please, please, pretty please, vote for me daily to see your FAVORITE blogger on the cover of Women’s Running Magazine.

Click here to vote.  Voting closes July 2nd at 12pm so be prepped for me to harass you until then.  And then I’ll be getting married right after that so things are fixin’ to get real innerstin on the blog!

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