Summer Concert Schedule.

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting here with a clearing face mask on.  I was totally gonna take a picture of it for you, but it literally is so scary, I couldn’t do that to you.  So, just use your imagination.

Okay, so not sure if you know, but the summertime is my absolute favorite time for a number of reasons.  Summer nights in North Carolina are ridiculously beautiful, and the best best part about North Carolina summer (not the heat for sure) are the live shows that I’m so looking to go forward to.

So here are the shows I’m looking forward to.

tumblr_mzorblChMz1r85uiyo1_500Paramore @ Walnut Creek – July 22 – I saw these guys once, with the old line-up.  I really liked the new album, and I have always loved the concept of Hayley being the only chick in a really bad-ass band.  SO into it.


John Legend @ Red Hat Amphitheater – July 30th – I saw him live once time at Duke.  Dude sounds way, way better live than he does in studio.  He’s going to be with Earth, Wind, and Fire, so I’m thinking this is going to be a pretty epic, do-not miss sort of show.
tumblr_mtwi2i344I1rtt08so1_500Gavin DeGraw @ Red Hat Amphitheater – August 5th.  I have seen him live like 3 or 4 times.  He was amazing all of those times, and once told me that I was pretty.  So if you ever try to tell me that I’m not pretty, consider yourself ignored, because what you say doesn’t matter.

tumblr_mtvj5rOBnT1rvcjd7o2_250Demi Lovato @ PNC Raleigh – September 12th.  I saw this amazing chick in February and me and Deb vowed to go again.

I’m really pumped to see all of these shows, but because of our upcoming wedding and me recently tightening my belt when it comes to money-related issues, I may have to forgo a few lattes to makes sure I get to see these shows.

What truly excites me, however, is live music.  I love the way a live band sounds.  I love to hear and feel how excited the crowd gets.  I love to dance like a complete idiot with virtual strangers.  And my favorite thing is to hear the crowd singing a song word for word, fully along with ad libs and all.

Now all of that endless blathering aside, what bands or solo performers are you excited to see this concert season?

8 thoughts on “Summer Concert Schedule.

  1. Just thought you should know. Demi Lovato will be doing a free concert for Good Morning America this Friday morning in NYC. Sorry you’re so far away.

  2. Taking my daughter to see Fall Out Boy/Paramore in Charlotte. We seriously listen to the new FOB album on repeat. This old lady is pretty excited to see them! Lorde is coming to Red Hat and tix go on sale this Friday…thinking about that one, too!

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