Green Smoothie Recipe

I’m blogging from the extreme comfort of my smart phone because the interwebs at my parents’ is a little spotty…but the show must go on!

Okay, so selfie time!


Yous can’t get enough of my selfies, huh?

Anyhoo, I’m gonna tell you what to buy at Harris Teeter to make yourself a bomb-ass green smoothie, choc-full of protein and iron and vitamin c and stuff. You will be energized as HECK!

Go to the sto. Get,

  • Some Trop 50 (cut the sugar and calories, keep the nutrients)
  • A bag of a frozen fruity mix. Strawberries, mango, and pineapple usually come in the mix.
  • A box of organic baby spinach. Or a bag. Whatevs.
  • Plain, fat-free, and unflavored Greek Yogurt.

Borrow your mom’s Vitamix. Or just use your cheap Oster that was all you could afford on your post-grad salary. Either way. Grab two handfuls of spinach, two large spoonfuls of yogurt, and top it off with a bit of the frozen fruit. Pour a little bit of Trop 50 in there and blend.

Does it look like baby poop? Yes. Does it taste awesome? Mmmm-hmm. Are you gonna feel like a billion bucks. Duh. Thank me later!

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