This best $5 you’ll ever spend.

If you’re like me, and the sluggish economy has taken its toll on your checking account, and you feel as if you’re being judged every time you have business to attend to at your local Wells (Ms. Armour, please insert your debit. ::lowers glasses, looks sadly at account balance::) buying a fancy high-priced lunch everyday just won’t work. So allow me to introduce you to the best $5 you will ever spend in your continuing quest to stay healthy and wealthy.


So you could easily spend $10 at Whole Foods on a salad, especially if the spirit moves you to throw some eggs, some carrots, some dressing, and some cabbage on that thang. (They charge by weight). So last shopping trip, I invested in this Pyrex salad bowl Glad thing, some salad accouterments, and a little baby Tupperware for dressing. Enter the best and most economical lunch of life. I went nuts. Boiled some eggs. Threw a few croutons on it. Added some broccoli slaw. And went to town.

So in total you save money. You save the environment. And you’re enjoying a dank salad. My only admonishment? Don’t do what I did. I’ve eaten a salad for every lunch since like last weekend, and my body, in response to fiber overload, is extremely upset with me. Salad at your own risk. But invest in this thing and quit spending half your paycheck on overpriced salads!

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