Cheri’s Most Fascinating People of 2015

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I totally stole this from Taylor, and was laughing so hysterically, that I had to replicate my own.  We’re counting down backwards from 5, so get really pumped, number one is gonna be good!

5.  Rachel Dolezal.  This one really confuses me.  Part of me feels a deep need to make fun of her.  Part of me wants to slap her.  Part of me feels sorry for her.  If you’ll recall, Rachel was our friend who pretended to be a black woman for some time.  It sounds to me like she’s got some pathology in there (hellloooo social work degree), but I can’t be too sure.  But if that’s the case, she really needs to be under the close care of a professional.  Shoutout to this moment…

rachel-lied-about-race BOLTS FROM INTERVIEW

4.  Justin Bieber.  This fool went from 0-hero after a really thinly-veiled attempt to curry our favor with a roast on Comedy Central.  It worked.  He’s back.  At at last glance he was like songs 1, 2, and like 4 on Spotify’s United States Top 100 and Global Top 50.  That is ridiculous.  My words to you, Mr. Bieber are DON’T FUCK THIS UP.  You have been touched by an angel.  Take this opportunity and RUN WITH IT.  And stop wearing those long shirts.  I love you but no.

IMG_5630 IMG_5631

3. Ben Carson.  I thought, just by nature of him being a doctor by trade, that this would make him smart.  But…some of the things he says?  It’s beyond confusing.  Like…why?  Also thrown in there are Donald Trump and his supporters.  Fascinating as in…why are you a thing?  HOW are you a thing?  An honorable mention goes to the BMW driver who had a Ben Carson sticker on his or her car.  WHY WOULD YOU STICK A STICKER ON THE BUMPER OF YOUR CAR THAT COSTS ABOUT 2 YEARS OF SCHOOLING AT A PRIVATE LIBERAL ARTS UNIVERSITY?

2. Zola and her weekend adventure in Florida.  This tale contained horror.  Trafficking.  Suspense.  And was told all in a series of Tweets.  Did Zola embellish?  Sure.  Do I still eat it up with a spoon?  Yes.  Zola actually responded to a tweet I sent her regarding her interest in starting locs.  I respect her hustle.

And finally…

1.  Black Twitter.  Black Twitter is a wondrous place with zero chill whatsover.  A few examples?

thanksgiving-with-black-families-2 12345487_10153682394851885_8606973889022919318_n

Honorable mentions go to:

Curtis Jackson a.k.a. 50 Cent.  Bankrupt?  Orrrr you just don’t want to pay your child support?  Pay that woman, Curtis.

People who leave their carts out in the parking lot at Harris Teeter.  Still really intriguing.

Rob Kardashian.  Taylor mentioned this.  WHERE ARE YOU ROB?!  Are you ok?

On that note, Aaron Carter.  His Twitter is a strange, strange place.

Old people on social media.  Most specifically, our mothers.

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Who are your most intriguing people of 2015?