The house of horrors.

I told you a few weeks back, that me and Austin have been looking for a house here in Raleigh.

We had a sort-of house that fell through after the price seemed liked it was climbing beyond what we could comfortably do.  Since then, we’ve been trolling real estate here, with some success, and some weird stuff.  But on Sunday, we saw a literal house of horrors.

[As a side note, I’m currently a social worker in Raleigh.  This is important to the story.]

rocky-horror-6I’d show you pictures of the house, but I don’t want to embarrass anyone.

So anyhoo, I already was suspicious of the area – the are that the home is in is really important to me so I can access greenway and a safe place to run, something that I’ve had a little bit of trouble with here at this apartment.  But Austin assured me that he loved the house and that I would love it to.  So off we went.

Me, Austin, and the buyer’s agent headed down to the home, and it already wasn’t looking good.  As we started driving through town, the residents started looking more and more sad, and the homes started looking a little more run-down.

And then I started to recognize the area, an area where a lot of my clients lived. Not inherently a bad thing mind you, but I was really hoping that where we were wasn’t anywhere close to where a client might live.

So imagine my surprise when we pulled up to the house, a very nice house home, and it was right next door to a group home where three of my clients live.  The thought of one of my clients seeing me in a pair of boxers was enough to sour my mouth, and I couldn’t look at the house the same any longer.

So here’s hoping that we find something good, and not next door to all of my clients.